Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Yeoldstinkeye's "Best Releases of 2013".

I've been sitting on this list for awhile and listening to all the Bands that made it on this massive thing. 78 Bands to be exact. Of course I didn't listen to everything that was released last year, that would be insane and I'm sure I missed some really killer albums. I did manage to hear a lot of good stuff though. Every year almost seems to get better in the Stoner, Doom, Sludge, Heavy and Hard Rock genre's and with websites like Bandcamp and soundcloud, etc. it's getting a lot easier for this music to get to the masses. My list this year again is in no particular order, they're all great albums that need to be heard, bought, shared, & loved. Hope you dig em as much as I have. Here we go...
 Part 1
 Part 2
 Part 3
 Part 4


Crypt Trip- Crypt Trip EP
Black Thai- Seasons Of Might
Arrowhead- Atomsmasher
Blood Ceremony- The Eldritch Dark
Sun Of Man- I
ASG- Blood Drive
Brutus- Behind The Mountains
All Them Witches- Lightning At The Door
Devil To Pay- Fate Is Your Muse
Black Wizard- Young Wisdom
Electric Ruin- Electric Ruin
Bantam Foxes- Triumph
Electric Zoo- Diamonds In The Sand
The Crystal Caravan- With Them You Walk Alone
Earthless- From The Ages
Black Pyramid- Adversarial
Audrey Home- Youngblood
Doctor Smoke- Demo 2013
Brimstone Coven- II
Clutch- Earth Rocker
Blake- Taste Of Voodoo
Brain Pyramid- Magic Carpet Ride
Blues Pills- Bliss
Dead Lord- Goodbye To Repentance
Sonic Mass- All Creatures Strange
Dunst- Archimedes Waffen
Deadweight Express- Odds & Loose Ends
Sandveiss- Scream Queen
Ancient Warlocks- Ancient Warlocks
Carousel- Jeweler's Daughter
Doublestone- Wingmakers
Eagle Eye Williamson- Black Gold Vol. II
Foghound- Quick, Dirty, & High
The Fuzz Drivers-   The Fuzz Drivers
Geezer- Gage EP
Gingerpig- Hidden From View
Goatess- Goatess
Gozu- The Fury Of A Patient Man
Borracho- Oculus
Beelzefuzz- Beelzefuzz
Half Gramme Of Soma-  Half Gramme Of Soma
Harsh Toke- Light Up and Live
Hela- Broken Cross
Horisont- Time Warriors
Kadavar- Abra Kadavar
The Machine- The Machine and Sungrazer Split
Killer Moon- Tunnel Vision
Nymronaut- Nymronaut EP
La Chinga- La Chinga
Malefic House- EP 2013
Prophets Of Saturn- Prophets Of Saturn
Mehrunes Dagon- Dread Father Demo
Moonward- Moonward
Mother Mars- Steam Machine Museum
Neon Warship- Neon Warship
Mountain Witch- Cold River
Purson- The Circle And The Blue Door
New Keepers Of The Water Towers- Cosmic Child
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats- Mind Control
Romero- Take The Potion
Wolf People- Fain
Samsara Blues Experiment- Waiting For The Flood
Vista Chino- Peace
Sasquatch- IV
Whippoorwill- Whippoorwill EP
Scorpion Child- Scorpion Child
Traktør- Traktør
Sgt. Sunshine- III
We Hunt Buffalo- Blood From A Stone
Spiritual Beggars- Earth Blues
The Ultra Electric Mega Galactic- The Ultra Electric Mega Galactic
Skrogg- Blooze
Weedpecker- Weedpecker
Soviet- Demo
Solar Corona- Innerspace
Stone Giant- "The Place" Sessions
Sonora Ritual- Worship The Sun
Stonehenge- Bunch Of Bisons

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