Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Burn em'. Burn em' all...

Supertzar are a Stoner Band out of Finland and have their 2012 EP for Free download. Killer Riffs. Highly Recommended.

Go get it Here

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

South American Stoner Rock Gods Return...

Demonauta are a Fuzzed out Stoner Band from Chile and have their Vol. 1 EP for FREE download. Want to read a nice review on the Band? Head over to Doommantia for Mari's thoughts. I posted this Band's Demo earlier this year Here so be sure to check it out if you missed it.

Vol. 1 EP

Monday, February 27, 2012

Damn Zombies, They're Everywhere

Here's a story about a french band that are really into The Walking Dead Tv Show that they named their band after a zombie. Ok so that part was made up. Really though, Zombie King are from France. They play stoner rock with a lot of heavy Black Sabbath influenced crushing riffs. The band is female fronted and I would go as far as to call them the French version of Christian Mistress. Their recently released self titled album is currently streaming only however they do have 3 tracks available for free download through their Bandcamp page. Listen and download.

MMmmmmmmm.... Beer....

"Polarbeers are an eclectic rock band from Milan whose shows include rock, blues, '70s hard rock, punk, grunge, stoner, post-hardcore and psychedelic elements."

A lot less mainstream Alternative Rock and the post-Hardcore is absent as well in their latest release. Not to shabby for DIY. The Bands name is Polarbeers and this is their 2011 EP titled Tetris.

Go get it Here

Smokey Treat!

I posted their 2011 Rehearsal last December stating to watch out for them in the future. Well the future is now and Black Smoke Dragon have just released their 2012 Demo. Balls out fucking Metal!!! Drop what your doing and check them out now...

Get it FREE Here
(Thanks to Alex for the info)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

As High As You Could Get...

I thought I posted these cats awhile back but I guess I'm mistaken. Mountains of Blow are a Stoner Rock Band out of LA, California. They have all their releases for FREE download on their website. Lot's of goodies. Nice Psychedelic grooves from these fella's so be sure to head over and get them all. Like em' on facebook as well...

Bands website

Psych Hype...

A lot of Hype coming off this Band lately. The Saint James Society has only a couple songs out there so far but damn, they are pretty good. They play a Psychedelic mellow vibe that draws the listener in from the very start. I found two songs that are FREE downloads so check them out.

Ballad of the White Horse

Of Silver and Gold

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Free Samples

Drug Front Records, a pretty cool label from New York has a new sampler available. Just enter your email address into the box below and you'll get a link to download the super cool label sampler.

The OTHER Portal

Portalling to the center of town without delay

 Town Portal play instrumental post math rock ala Pelican or Russian Circles. Really not to much more to say other than I think you should grab it now.


New Team Member.

Welcome Bufftbone. Everyone knows him. Swamp Brother and Soda Shop Fame. Bring the goods...

Lo-Fi Garage Rock

The Dead Ships create jams made for beers and dimly lit bars, enhanced by gruff vocals and pop melodies that enhance the sound into something destined to leave behind those self-same bar room floors. “You Were Young” is my favorite track off their excellent The Dead Ships EP. It’s filled with ooh’s and whoa’s, backed by some sparse garage rock instrumentation that jangles right along to vocalist Devlin McCluskey’s soulful vocals. - Sirens of Decay

This isn't heavy or bone crushing but still something nice to mellow out to. As the title suggests, it's lo-fi garage rock but does have a bit of a "pop" to the vocals.

Nab your copy HERE

Friday, February 24, 2012

And this little piggy didn't give a mother fuck...

William English play it fucking loud. They also play it the way they want to. The drummer goes completely ape shit on these couple of tracks and it has more screaming than a teenage girls slumber party. I mean this in a good way. These cats Rock! their style is Stoner/Sludge/Hardcore hybrid and the Band is from the UK. Check em out and get their tunes FREE...


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blast from the Past!

2007's Chevy Timemachine from Germany's Burnpilot is a thunderous blast down Stoner Blvd. While your picking this up get the rest of their releases and expect a new one this year from the Band.

Get it Here

Monday, February 20, 2012

Want More Music?

Head on over to facebook and "Like" A Distant Rumble. There's plenty of other FREE downloads available on that page that don't make it over here. FYI

Find us Here

Sunday, February 19, 2012

South American Stoner Rock.

"2009: Dense and heavy, the sound thick and black as well as purely rock roots do great honor to Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and also reminiscent of the great rock bands in Argentina 70 '."

Get the FREE download from Narcoiris Here
facebook (where I got the link)

Don't Mind If I Do...

"What we have here from Trebuchet on their debut release ‘Stick It In' is a solid gold rock album. It may be a self-recorded demo, courtesy of a Tascam 4-track, but it has to be heard to be believed, it's a like a lost classic from the 70s.

In true AC/DC fashion, whom Trebuchet are deeply indebted to, the songs start with a riff, a riff so simple you can't help but wonder why it's never been used before. The cap is well and truly doffed.

Lyrically, the traditional subjects of sex, partying, rebellious violence, mythology and combinations thereof are all covered, so you will find yourself singing along to these anthems in no time at all. That's the beauty of it, it's loud, it's dumb and it's simple. There are no subtle dynamics, you don't need to stroke your chin to appreciate the wonders within, you won't miss anything anyway, it does what it says on the tin. ‘Party Like Crazy', ‘Let It Rock'. ‘Give Me Rock And Roll' I think you get the gist

All you need to know is, "When is the guitar solo?" and "Will it be over a verse or a chorus?". Then you can get on with the serious business of cranking the stereo, splaying those legs, busting out the air guitar, headbanging and punching in the air.

Limited to 33 copies, this CD comes in a natural recycled card sleeve, a parchment insert with credits and a righteous bio written by Granville Theroux, with art and design by Ben Aucott, and all topped off with a red wax seal.

Those of you who buy the CD will be treated to a live album, recorded at BOA 2009, and the demos for the abandoned 2nd album 'Stateside."

Get it Here
( Thanks to Witch Hunter Records for the info)

Good Tunes Comin' At Cha!!!

Here's a cool Prog Band called Old English and they've just released an EP for your listening pleasure. You should probably download this now.

Get it here

Kickin' Ass and Takin' Names.

"Formed in 2011 with intention of turning out some thick riff driven tunes to shake your head to, firmly rock at heart but taking in other strands, alt, post, stoner, metal we arrive at just doing our own thing."

Get it Here
(Thanks to Jim, from the Band for the link)

Muff of the Goat?

So this dude Steven has a Band called Goatmuff out of Australia and there's a couple of tunes for FREE download that are pretty slick and worth mentioning. The first track is called Wizard Beard Worship which has this Riff that will kick you in the dick and leave you lying there for six minutes wondering if you want to have a second go at it or three... The other song is called Stoned As An Athiest In Jerusalem. That one will probably leave you wondering why you left the first one because it's definitely not a nut kicker but pretty good all the same.

Wizard Beard Worship

Stoned As An Athiest In Jerusalem

Midwestern love songs.

Be sure to stay tuned to their facebook page to get the 2012 mix tape.

"Local Love Fest is an annual event in Madison, WI where participating local bands show their appreciation for their music scene by putting together a set's worth of their favorite local songs and perform them live. The event also revolves around the release of a special limited edition compilation CD which is only made available at the shows, and features exclusive tracks from Madison bands covering a local song of their choosing. The compilation is called a "Mix Tape" in reference to the old practice of dubbing a cassette filled with special meaningful songs to share with one's personal love interest, and it is in this spirit that LLF was founded. Here is the first LLF compilation in it's entirety: Local Love Fest - Mix Tape 2011."

Get it Here
(Thanks to the Band Romero for the info. They'll be on the 2012 mix tape.)

Here's to Sludge in Your eye...

"Blood Red Water formed in the summer of 2010 with Michele and Fiorica. Michele & Fiorica were longtime friends, drinking partners and united by the passion for sludge music so they decided to create something wicked...."

Get it FREE Here
(Thanks to Mick on behalf of BRW)

Blues Sensations...

I've posted these cats a few times here on A Distant Rumble, so they definitely aren't strangers. We all know and love them. Walter Daniels & Guadalupe Plata ladies & gentlemen, clap , clap, clap...

Get it Here

You Need This!

Here's some excellent Spaced out Stoner grooves from the Band Torso. Thanks to Pinzko for sending in the link. Don't pass this up, well worth your attention. Find them on facebook and like em' as well. The tunes are very well made. Highly Recommended!

"Torso is an Quartet from Austria, playing complex Psychedelic/StonerRock influenced Sets.
Formed 2009 as "Montezuma", an Instrumental 3 Piece performing trippy psychedelic Jams.
After Recording a Song for a Compilation, a fourth Member joined the Band.
From this Moment on it wasn’t only tripping outta Space.
Early 2011 a new Drummer joined Torso,completing the actual Lineup.
The first Album "Inside" was recorded on September and has been released in 2012 on "StoneFree Records."

A psychedelic journey.
Influenced by early rock.
From deep in a hole."

Get their 2012 release "Inside" FREE Here

Sunday Morning Feedback...

Gotta thank Pug from the Band Beelzefuzz for bringing Tyrannosarus Dracula to my attention. These are some Dirty kick ass tunes right here. It seems the Band has boken up but what they've left in their wake are some heavily 70's influenced songs for all of us genre junkies to enjoy.

Get them FREE Here

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Back from the grave...

Philly Stoner Band Gravemarcher Just released their Self Titled EP and let me tell ya, it's a doosey. Lot's of hootin' and hollerin' along with some damn fine fist pumpin' music. Get it FREE from the guys.
\m/ \m/


Monday, February 13, 2012

Hear Them Roar.

Old Man Lizard have great tone. Really. Bands in these genre's don't use sounds like this anymore. Kind of reminiscent of Mule in my opinion. Not their music but that tone. More Sludgy with a little Hardcore maybe thrown in for good measure. Yeah these guys kick some Royal Ass.

Pick it up for FREE Here

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Big Fuzz!!!

Finally out! 2 Disc Download.

"The Italian stoner psych doom portal is proud to present:


The fourth chapter of the trip, a journey through the cosmos, the heavy psych compilation made in Italy!

Aptly distributed by magazine, DESERT SOUND Vol. IV – IN THE MOUTH OF FUZZ packs 25 combustive cuts from the smoke filled scene defined by hot rock'n'roll, chuggin' guitars, dirty fuzz, psychedelic visions, feedback and cowbell fills. A volcanic trip deep into the Italian heavy stoner psycho doom panorama, with tracks that range straight out of power hittin' stonerville, to the psychedelic side, as well as the doom mantras and spacey pipe dreams action.

DS Vol. IV - IN THE MOUTH OF FUZZ opens with the mighty Pater Nembrot. The intro cut sets the stage for the entire adventurous set, which includes tracks from – among others – Zippo (feat. Ben Ward from Orange "fuckin'!" Goblin), Space Paranoids, Black Capricorn, Cannibal Movie, Da Captain Trips, and Black Rainbows.
The album is available as a free digital download (MP3 320 kbps and .Iso file for your personal CD) with a deluxe trippy artwork and packaging by ExLab, based on the original paintings of late Renaissance Italian visionary painter and illustrator Jacopo Ligozzi."

Disc 1

Bands Needed!

Heads Up!!!

On the 1st April 2012, Grip Of Delusion Radio will be celebrating its first year on the digital airwaves, and to help celebrate this anniversary they are putting together a FREE Download Compilation entitled ‘The Book of Riff Elations: A G.O.D.r Compil-ex’.

And this is where they need your help, if you’re in a band that plays Sludge, Doom, Stoner, Psyche and all the sub-genres, then get in touch with the folk over at Grip Of Delusion and it could be your bands chance to appear on this celebratory compilation.

Steaming Heathen facebook

Info Here

Sunday Morning Feedback...

Here's some really cool music for FREE download all mixed up and ready to roll. Spun by what I can only imagine is a force to reckoned with out of Ireland, Amen Brother is slinging all the right grooves to get the day started out on the good foot. From Psych-Folk, to Funk and every single thing in between, this is some really cool and exciting stuff.

This Mix

Check it all out Here

Friday, February 10, 2012

Through Heavy Haze and Psychedelic Sounds...

"The Crooked Axis String Quartet was formed in early 2010 as a side-project featuring members of Number Nine Experiment, Zamal Bash, and Red Haze. In 2011 the band shorten its name to The Crooked Axis."

Get their songs FREE Here

Fine Mid Western Rock.

"Damned Holy Rollers are a rock trio from Saint Louis, MO. They live to rock, drink, and steal your daughters and wives."

"From the Nexus of the universe they hail. Through the Wastelands they traveled. The Great Wind brought them and the Great Wind will take them away. They have broke the Beams and chased the Giants. They are not human but are Gods own prototypes. Too weird to live, and too rare to die. They bring screaming fire from their mouths, and electric sex from their fingertips. All that stand in their way are consumed and forgotten. Many have come before and after, but none can hold a candle to their awesome power. They live to Rock, and Rock to live. Their tales are legends and their legend will shatter the world."
Highly Recommended!!!


Italian Doom.

Funeral Marmoori are a Heavy Progressive Doom Band from Florence Italy.

Between the three links provided, You can get their songs in a variety of file types (MP3, Flac, Wav).


Monday, February 6, 2012

The Sweet Psychedelic Sounds...

"From Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom comes the progressive psychedelic sound that is Electric Sorcery. This electrifying group brings together some of the best known original musicians in the NEK."

Get it FREE Here

Smokin' Hot!!!

“At points, Midnight Snakes conjures up submerged melancholy — a combination of underwater dementia and landlocked lust. At others, it resembles an adrenaline-fueled, peyote-induced roadtrip through the Mexican desert in a '70 AMC Rebel, windows down and throttle wide open, undertaken from the discomfort of a long-since worn out basement couch...Imagine if Procul Harum had spent time in the desert listening to scratchy Tom Waits records while downing energy drinks and psychotropics. Additional psychotropics, anyway.” ~ (Smile Politely)

Get it Here

Big, Bad, 70's Rock.

"Superhot Records is very proud to bring you it's first release and the debut album by British psych rockers Stubb. The self-titled LP was cut to tape at Dropout Studios in South London with Tim Cedar of Part Chimp.

Like the guitar tone the live vibe on this record is thick, this is a real band playing real songs in a basement studio with minimal overdubs. Stubb contains 8 modern salutes to the early 70s with lyrical themes covering love, loss, the open road, women and the powerful force of nature.

This is much more than just a one dimensional record though. 'Crying River' featuring Malin Dahlgren from Swedish folk duo Polly Tones and the acoustic 'Crosses You Bear' provide contrast to the full on valve abuse of songs like 'Hard Hearted Woman' and 'Scale the Mountain'. For the most part however, this is a power trio doing what a power trio does best; warm fuzzy guitars, bass heavy songs, frantic solos and an excessive use of wah-wah.

After touring the UK and Germany with 70s rock preservationists Stone Axe in April 2011 Tony Reed (Stone Axe, Mos Generator) was hired for the job of mixing and mastering. Reed, who has recently finished recording the new St Vitus record, was the perfect man for the job having seen the band live many times and whose own band Stone Axe shares a similar musical heritage.

Superhot Records release number zero zero one will appeal to fans of Cream, Taste, Graveyard, The Jimi Hendrix Experience. "

"Stubb build on the foundations laid down by the pioneers of the 60s and 70s and continue the journey of the power trio through the 21st Century. Psychedelic sounds, blues rock and frantic solos are fused together as Stubb create classic heavy rock and roll songs.

On 6th February 2012 the band's debut self titled album will be released on Superhot Record."

Get it Here

Fresh and Futuristic.

"Having perfected the controlled, well-structured output on Dividual – a relentless musical assault of tightness and timing - the band felt an urge to tackle the song-writing in a completely different way. Loosing up, Letting go. Trying to make the impossible, possible by making complex music flow in a more free form. After a swift and spontaneous writing-process, 4 tracks were ready to be captured.
Obstacles teamed up with their friend Sune Kaarsberg to begin the recordings of Oscillate in their studio. This was a very dynamic process filled with experiments in sound and form. The result is breathtaking. Like being caught in a beautiful storm where chaos and energy reigns.

While still somewhat futuristic in its aesthetics, Oscillate can also be considered a nod back to a hazy forgotten past, paying homage to legends of prog-rock and jazz-fusion whilst still maintaining the punchiness and vigor of their previous releases."

Get it Here

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Real Deal 70's Love...

Dana, the vocalist/Guitarist for the Band Beelzefuzz recently dropped the link to all of their songs on the Bands facebook page. They play 70's Rock in all it's glory. Highly Recommended!

Get it Here

Not Your Uncle's Mountain Music...

"Doomsower hail from atop the Cooper Mountain in the outskirts of Portland, Oregon.

We believe in the power of the Riff. This is not your generic safe brand of metal. You have been warned!"

Get it FREE Here

Good Lord!

"Lord 13 were formed in 1999 by Dee (bass), Costas (drums), Jim (vocals, guitars) and John (guitars). Shortly after their first few lives they made a name for themselves as a high energy, live, rock band.

They circulated their first demo in 2000 entitled “Embrace”. From this demo they released their own videoclip “Ball Of Pain” which was aired on TV for a number of years!

Two years later, 2002, they released their second demo titled “Hell Ride”.Lord 13 represent the heavy, psychedelic rock scene of the new millennium!

In the mean time Lord 13 formed their own label and production company, “FASTER LOUDER” and they recorded their debut album in the summer of 2004.

And in the year of 2005 they organized the 1st summer rock music festival on the island of Antiparos with a 24 band three day blow-out! A huge success and rock ‘n roll party uniting all of the current major Greek bands under one banner!

…and finally in December 2006 released the self titled album “Lord 13” (which received super reviews from the critics of Metal Hammer, Greece,, which is accompanied by the band’s second video clip “Bad Water Booze”, produced by Faster Louder directed (again) by Annabelle Aronis and shot in Mavrovouni in the Pelopponese, Southern Greece of the summer of 2006.

Through out the years Lord 13 have spread their music to the masses with electric, energetic and ecstatic live performances that have made their mark in the rock scene.
They have played support gigs for many visiting bands here in Athens such as Hawkwind, Nebula, Orange Goblin, Cathedral, Los Natas, Kayser, Eight Hands 4Kali, Great Coven and lives all over Greece and Europe .

In 2011 the new album “2013” (with guest vocals by Big Ben Ward) will be out on vinyl and cd, It is promoted by the new video clip ”Get You High”.
The band is currently working on two new works: An acoustic album with friends and family guesting on vocals and a full on electric heavy space blowout of an album!


Get it FREE Here

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Slick Midwestern Rock n' Roll...

"Disguised as Birds was born in 2004 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Although Disguised as Birds’ power indie rock sound tends to have a lot of dreamy, shimmering, jammy qualities, it regularly returns to explosively heavy rock bombast that puts their overall approach on grounds close to those of Shiner, Regulator Watts, Jawbox, Shipping News, Juno, etc. Still, despite the artsy leanings, Disguised as Birds unquestionably has the vibe of a classic rock band. In spirit (if not in incessant riffing) they pack a great deal of SOUL into every measure of every tune.

Still, Disguised as Birds can be dubbed nothing but original. They have formed a ridiculous amount of musical telepathy and toghetherness that is rare for an indie band. Originally conceived as a power trio (Kristopher Endicott: guitar/vocals, Tony Ciske; bass, and Christopher Bongers; drums), Disguised as Birds rehearsed and played out in and around the Midwest for a year before recording a full length record with Shane Hochstetler (CALL ME LIGHTNING) in 2005. Looking to recreate the record’s layered vocal harmonies live, the band recruited Chris Chuzles as a second vocalist - just in time to sing on five of the self-titled album’s tracks. Chris Bongers then moved to Madrid, Spain to play with punk-rock band Los Bultacos, so the Birds added Milwaukee ace drummer Kevin DeMars to the fold.

Disguised as Birds have a loose and powerful live sound. Influenced by all things rock and roll, art, and the often cold and bleak environment in which they live; this is a band that can pummel, sprint, or soar."

Get it FREE from the Band Here

No Porn Here, Just Music...

Various Artists - Fuck Your Speakers Vol 2

A massive multi-genre compilation from Torn Flesh Records featuring Over 70 Artists and over 100 tracks.

Get it FREE Here

Ready to unseat the Kings...

Throne is a Stoner Doom Band from London. they play it slow and low on their Doom Room Sessions from 2011. Fantastic couple of songs, FREE for the taking.

Get their songs FREE

Friday, February 3, 2012

Demo Slingin'...

Predicted are a Russian Stoner Band with a nice groove on their Demo's. Check em out for yourself and get their FREE download.

\m/ \m/

You know them. You love them...

"Speeding at you like an out of control train, XII Boar blast their way into your skull with ear-splitting leads, sonic riffs, fuck off vocals and a sweet southern groove. Combining Motorhead’s swagger, Sabbath’s downtrodden doom, and the swinging crunch of C.O.C, these Hampshire lads will tie you down and fuck shit up."

Get it FREE Here
Band Website

Interplanetary Traveling.

"Ten Page Pilot: kick-ass rock music from The Netherlands!
The band is known for blending exciting guitar riffs with
stoner, progressive rock and pop.

Into the Eyes of the Armed out now!!!

Featuring 12 tracks of heavy hittin', groovy rock with a lot of melodic and even psychedelic outbursts this
conceptalbum will have you hooked from start to finish."


Band website

Friday Night Fix...

Here's a quick little announcement about the Band Purson out of London. If You no nothing of this Band, now is the time to jump on the wagon. They are streaming their music on soundcloud and I happened upon them from facebook a month or two back. Great music, can't wait for a release.

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