Tuesday, October 23, 2012

For a guy that has given his all for the music.

"I would like to consider this the first test of the power of our networking. Our Brothers in the band Compel ( Joe Horne ) have put together a compilation to help out Brother Ed Barnard. Many of you know that Ed runs Doommantia.com and is currently homeless from a severely bad year (multiple heart attacks, staggering medical bills, asshole landlord and more) and the money made from this goes directly to him. So, please post the bandcamp page link to every music page you are on and to every FB friend that listens to these bands!"

Track Listing for Doommantia Vol. 1

(Band names link to Facebook pages where possible, or websites or Bandcamp pages)
01. Blackwolfgoat – Tyche 04:11
02. At Devil Dirt – Let It Flow 06:57
03. Low Gravity – 27 Names 07:42
04. Ichabod – Hollow God 05:46
05. Fister – Deaf Wish 04:40
06. Undersmile – Anchor 12:43
07. Compel – A National Acrobat (Black Sabbath) 06:50
08. Iron Man – Choices (Acoustic) 04:28
09. Wizard’s Beard – Subirse el Muerto 08:34
10. OceansRainbow – Metatron’s Cube 12:28
11. Beelzefuzz – Peace Mind 02:35
12. Conan – Hawk as Weapon (Live) 06:50
13. Lazarus Complex – The Least of These 04:42
14. Spyderbone – Your God 05:15
15. Order of the Owl – Cocaine Super Demon (7-Inch Edit) 05:55
16. Dope Flood – Uncertain 04:42
17. War Injun – War Injun 07:50
18. Heathen Bastard – Cannabis Giganticus 03:17
19. Halmos – Theory 05:56
20. Križ – Surrounded by Evil (Fulfilled with Love) 04:22
21. Bongripper – Sex Tape 04:12
22. Demonaut – Fallen/Risen 05:15
23. In the Company of Serpents – Malice 07:38
24. Switchblade Jesus – Oblivion (Live) 07:08
25. Pale Divine – Black Coven 06:10
26. When the Deadbolt Breaks – The Scavengers Daughter 07:24
27. Bastard of the Skies – Grays Sports Almanac 03:49
28. Gorgantherron – Cemetery Shoes 03:31
29. Screaming Mad Dee and Alex Vanderzeeuw – The Situation Dies 02:47
30. Chowder – The Innsmouth Look 03:40
31. War Iron – Inch Cape 12:09
32. Hollow Leg – Warbeast 06:41
33. Crawl – Butchers Hollar 02:48
34. Desolation – The Light is Gone 10:35
35. Ketea – Quiet Ruin 09:18
36. Sludgethrone – Tortured Reach 07:00
37. Vulture – Long I Crawl 05:38
38. Wolfpussy – Last Call 03:25
39. The Departure – Farewell 03:50

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Realm Of Which We Reap...

"For fifteen years, Witch Mountain has flown the flag of doom over its cloudy hometown of Portland, OR. Formed in 1997 by guitarist/songwriter Rob Wrong (M99, Iommi Stubbs) and drummer/manager Nathan ‘Nanotear’ Carson (Point Line Plane, Two Ton Boa), the group has stayed loud and proud through a variety of lineups and musical epochs. Today, the band is recognized as a leader in some of the most renowned metal communities in the world—locally alongside Agalloch, YOB, and Red Fang—and internationally as part of the Profound Lore label and Nanotear Booking rosters."

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sweet, Sweet, Tunes...

Check out the cool vibes from 'Big Jim' Shively, Former bass player of Across Tundras on the albums "Old World Wanderer", "Sage" (Neurot Recordings), "Tumbleweeds" & "Moonshinin".
Also a founding member of Hans Condor, Crank, and have played on many Nashville albums as a session musician. 

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The Brutal Truth...

"Our first album "Koronis" is currently only available as an online-stream and for (free) downloading. However we are working on a CD-release with a strictly limited amount (due to manual work). We would also be considering a release on Vinyl, but due to financial and temporal reasons this will be postponed to the future.

A little background information regarding our recordings: we have been rehearsing and polishing our songs in the last year. During this period we have concocted even more brutal riffs with which Carrion Mother will be occupied with in the near future."

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