Thursday, July 12, 2012

Walk the Night!

"Australia’s smoked-out, psychedelic doom-droners Adrift for Days are back!

Two years after the release of their acclaimed debut "The Lunar Maria" comes "Come Midnight…", an ambitious 71-minute concept album that spans doom, drone, sludge, stoner metal, 70’s psychedelic rock, post-metal and post-rock influences.

Adrift for Days "Come Midnight..." is an epic, drug-tinged, existential journey that draws on the traditions of Earth, Neurosis, Boris, Pink Floyd and Rosetta. This is the perfect soundtrack for a nightmarish trek into the depths of your soul. For best results, listen while in the throes of a mescaline binge and lost in the pitiless freeze of the desert night air."

Get it Here

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