Thursday, June 7, 2012

Americana Blues

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One of my most favorite SXSW 2012 lucky discoveries this year was the killer folk/blues/roots music of CADILLAC FLAMBE from Kansas City, MO. Actually, to be more precise, the band calls it “blue-eyed Americana psychedelic soul.” And that’s precisely much more accurately precise. “Devil’s Branch” leads off from the Porch with a twangy funky guitar intro, and then wastes no time firing-up the foot-stomping, harmonica harmonies. If it doesn’t take you back to some memories of “Jackson” on this, we’ll beg you to tell us where it does take you. “Playing With Fire” is a slow and subtle mid-afternoon chill-out. Havilah’s crazy beautiful vocs take center stage on this one, with more killer harmonica play (damn, brother…this band’s gonna miss you big time). (read the entire review HERE).

Read that entire review, grab the EP from the band HERE.

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