Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dream away the day...

"SHIVA is an Albuquerque, NM, Desert Rock band formed by Christopher Walker in 2001: The year of the Space Odyssey." This is their 2012 EP and it's a FREE download. Once again I have to thank Welcome To The Void who comes up with the goods. Check that Blog out if you haven't yet.

Get it FREE Here

Demo Slingin'...

Omega Soul are a German Stoner Band. This is their 2012 Demo. Four Grooves to make your weekend a little better.

Get it Here

Here Kitty Kitty...

The Ocular Audio Experiment - The Witch's Whispering Tomes is a dark twangy Psychedelic piece of work with Doom influences. It's a bit hard to describe, very mellow, but all in all it's really good.

Get it Here

Monday, June 25, 2012

Let it Ride...

Now that I have Your attention...
Volume 7 in the Grunge series.  Get it now!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Let the crowd surfing begin...

Volume Six in the Grunge series has a great variety of Bands and some killer songs. The picture above is a shot I took from close to the stage of Woodstock 94'. Blind Melon were playing when this photo was taken. Good times...


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cold Beer and Cool Shade...

Another dozen or so songs of some of the best Grunge Bands from back in the day. Life is good. The weather, well, it's HOT! Thank the good lord for great tunes and great Beer. Get your feet up...


Monday, June 18, 2012

I could dream all day...

Round four in the Grunge series.  Some excellent tunes in these so far. Hope everyone is digging them...


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Touch Me Baby

TOUCH THE SPIDER! mix elements of the 70th with Doom, Gothic and Psychedelic.

Though TOUCH THE SPIDER! are influenced by rather different types of music, it's difficult to pidgeonhole them.
You can literally feel the melancholy. Hearing the songs you are torn between depression and blissful happiness.
The ailing fagile vocals depict human suffering. Look out for the brink of delusion, grief, hate, agony, depression, horror, apocalypse, murder and suicide.

Grab the tunes from their Facebook page HERE

Glitterball Galore

Glitterball Vegas was recorded in 2003 at Glasgow's Carlton Studios. Stylistically it flirts through territories explored by the likes of Pearl Jam, The Afghan Whigs, Stone Temple Pilots and Queens of the Stone Age.

While the album could be purchased at gigs, it was never made widely available. The track-list and artwork here differ from those on the original CD version.

Grunge HERE

Doc's by the Bay...

So this is Volume 3 in the Grunge series and again, it's loaded with the goods. Enjoy the day and for all the Dad's out there, Happy Father's Day.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Land of the Kool-Aid smiles...

Continuing on to the second Vol. we get more of the same era of Grunge bands, some heavy hitters, some that never made the mainstream but stayed in that cool factor because of that fact. Happy listening...


Friday, June 15, 2012

The Flannel Comes Off...

So the weather has been great and I've been spending my days drinking cold beer and enjoying the fresh air as you've might have noticed with the absence of post's and what not. I threw together a playlist of old Grunge tunes and this has been my soundtrack as of late. I had to split this baby up on account of it being so large, but hey, there were so many great songs back then that they all had to be part of this.  All the bigger named bands are here and a lot of lost gems and unknown bands as well. Anyway this is the first of twelve. Grab yourself a cool one and a shady spot in the yard, it's time to kick back and remember the last 20 years or so...


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Americana Blues

lifted with care from
One of my most favorite SXSW 2012 lucky discoveries this year was the killer folk/blues/roots music of CADILLAC FLAMBE from Kansas City, MO. Actually, to be more precise, the band calls it “blue-eyed Americana psychedelic soul.” And that’s precisely much more accurately precise. “Devil’s Branch” leads off from the Porch with a twangy funky guitar intro, and then wastes no time firing-up the foot-stomping, harmonica harmonies. If it doesn’t take you back to some memories of “Jackson” on this, we’ll beg you to tell us where it does take you. “Playing With Fire” is a slow and subtle mid-afternoon chill-out. Havilah’s crazy beautiful vocs take center stage on this one, with more killer harmonica play (damn, brother…this band’s gonna miss you big time). (read the entire review HERE).

Read that entire review, grab the EP from the band HERE.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Burning the midnight oil...

"The long lost Boyjazz album finally sees the light of day!

In 2006 Boyjazz went into Louder Studios to record their follow up album, the first to feature the now infamous live band. The result was Unlimited Nights & Weekends. Recorded and mixed all analog to tape by rock mastermind Tim Green, this collection of 10 original tracks showcases the boys in hi-fi majesty with all of the drama, power, and good times that only Boyjazz can deliver.

Long thought lost to delays and label woes, For Once Records is proud to finally release this buried treasure in pay-what-you-want download and 500 copy limited edition vinyl pressing! You heard right, Boyjazz's first and only vinyl release. Enjoy your 'jazz the way nature intended, with liner notes by Tim Green and old school LP jacket by Ronnie Shapiro. Don't miss out on your piece of rock'n'roll history!"

Get it Here

Covers it all...

Like the Blues? Thought so. Eric Serna and The Killing Floor have a 3 song Covers EP for FREE. They cover Howlin' Wolf, Blind Willie Johnson, & Hendrix.

Get it FREE Here

How's about 12 inches?

Here's a review of what I wrote about this Band from when The Sludge Swamp was the Bee's Knee's back in 2010. It still holds true, only you can get an extra track with this download..

“OK. This EP Rocks hard! Tuber are a Band from Greece but You'd think they came from California & brought the desert right in the room with You. Seriously, I recommend picking this one up. Four tracks of hypnotizing killer music & they're giving it away, god love em”. ~ (yeoldstinkeye, Sludge Swamp 2010.)

Get the Tuber EP 12" Free Here
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