Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hell of A Ride


Once upon a time, somewhere between two states, four guys and a girl decided to unite their musical talents to form a rock'n'roll band.
One night after a show they met a weird old guy in a bar.
He was calling himself "Mad Dog" but his real name was John Ringsdale.
Whisky, beers, more whisky, the guy started to tell stories about his past life as a stuntman.
One of the story was about three chicks who were calling themselves "The Pussy Riders".
John told us that he was after them because they stoled his favorite car. A 1975 black Firebird !!
Around 4:30 in the morning "Mad Dog" left without saying goodbye.
We were exausted and kinda drunk but our heads were full of John's amazing stories.
The next day,after a long talk over this strange night,we all decided to rename our band "Hell Of A Ride" !!!!
So from now on,our only wish and desire will be to play our music,hit the road and ride from dusk till dawn....

Yes, the music is as bad ass as the logo!!!

Grab their debut EP HERE

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