Friday, April 20, 2012

More 4-20 Madness...

"Forged from wood and sound as the leaves were turning, Amattr is the brainchild of the guitarist known simply as Vidarr the Terrible. He made a New Years Resolution to make an album by the end of the year. After failing at writing more material for a Hard Rock or Power Metal album, Vidarr turned to his new favorite genre: Stoner Metal.

Drawing on his grassroots influences of Led Zeppelin and Early Black Sabbath and new influences from The Sword, Fu Manchu, and other various Stoner and Doom bands, Vidarr is creating a fusion of blues rock and metal as seen in the emerging Stoner Metal genre.

Black Dawn will be the first example of this. Vidarr is a heavy believer in telling a story through music, and will draw you in to the Post-Apocalyptic world of Black Dawn following Amattr as he tries to make it to the only sliver of civilization left west of the Rocky Mountains."

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