Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sweltering Rock n' Roll

Icarus gasoline are a Stoner Rock Band out of Santiago, Chile. While the vocals are not in English, it hardly matters as they get the point across musically. they have their 2010 Album titled Lo Desaparecido as a FREE download.

Get it FREE Here

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Get Yourself Stoned!

"GURT take the blues and groove of 70s rock and drag it backwards through the swamps of Louisiana. The drums are thunderous, the vocals demonic and the guitars down-tuned, down-tempo and down-right sexy. This is not doom, this is not sludge, THIS IS GURT!" 

"Dopefight are a Stoner/Hardcore/Doom/Sludge band from Brighton, UK.  Dopefight are an Anti-Racist, Anti-Homophobic and Pro-Choice band! Peace, Death and Bonghits!"

Get the 2012 Split now in two separate downloads.

Not your average bar rock...

"We are the Barbears, a stoner, southern metal band from southern Hungary formed in 2008, and our new EP just came out in mid-April! We're work hard on making a blast in the underground scene; we've had lots of concerts around the country, but we'd like to expand our horizons and give concerts abroad, with old and new songs. Our music comes from the heart and we like to feel good and make a great party! Barbears hungarian beer & pussy company" ~ (Band Bio)

get it FREE Here
(Thanks to  Nicodamien from Hungarian for the info.)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

One way ride to the moon...

These are are the first two releases from the Columbus, Ohio Psychedelic, Stoner Rock Trio, Brujas Del Sol.  "A few guys who play music that makes people dance, bang their heads and plug their ears." Nice vibes on Moonliner Vol. 1 & 2. Almost Psych/Surf at times. Really different  and cool.

Get both Volumes Here
(Thanks to Phil for the heads up.)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

From the Dark Doomy Depths...

"Emerging from the briny depths of the Atlantic Ocean, Aquanaut burst forth from the water, a juggernaut. Simultaneously fast and slow, sludgy and sleek, Aquanaut is a new kind of force. With one goal in mind, the warrior turns south and begins its final journey; to sink Australia."

Get it Here


"Heavy guitar riffs with banging bass lines coupled with psychedelic drum beats and hell bent on destruction vocals.

Ladies and gentleman, we are Green Monster!

And Green Monster Lives!"

Get it FREE Here

Where the buffalo roam...

I posted these cats on our facebook page back in February and felt the need to post them here as well. Chiefs have a Self Titled EP out there for FREE and what an awesome EP it is. The Stoner Band is out of Phoenix and can be checked out at various websites.

Get it FREE Here
facebook em' Here
Band website

Hell Yeah!!!

With some of the baddest Riffs this year, Law of the Tongue come screaming their way into the scene with their 2012 Self Titled release. Get ready to be blown away, because they're kickin' ass and taking no prisoners.

Get it FREE Here

Sunday Morning Feedback...

The Souldiggers Band are from Saint-Petersburg, Russia and are a Sothern, Stoner, Blues Band with a new release for all you kiddies to be diggin' on. Kick Ass Rock n' Blues with a little Grunge thrown in for good measure, it won't disappoint.

Get it FREE Here

Friday, April 20, 2012

Get the sand out of your vagina...

"In room demo recordings of my latest project Electric Ring, our first three songs, more in the pipe."

Get the Doomed out tunes Here

Night of the Zombie.

"Three tracks of grinding, Sludgy Doom Rock from the band Weird Zombie Science. Cleaned-up rehearsal recordings with overdubbed vocals and spectral observers. A taste of our sound in the raw, in lieu of a real studio recording."

Download the tunes Here

It's a keeper...

"Old Coldbloods is a 3 piece outfit. Their music screams from the depths of an unknown bayou to the tops of the highest mountain in the appalachia. The music will tickle you on the toes while also delivering a swift punch to the gut, inappropriately harassing you ear drums and forcing you to take a long deep breath and smell the beer, sweat, smoke, and some damn good rock music."

Get a free tune from the Band Here

Baked by the desert sun...

The newest Single from Spiral.

"Chris and Aaron, the two constant members of Spiral are desert born. They played childish games amongst dunes and cacti and now, their music breathes sand."

get it FREE Here

More 4-20 Madness...

"Forged from wood and sound as the leaves were turning, Amattr is the brainchild of the guitarist known simply as Vidarr the Terrible. He made a New Years Resolution to make an album by the end of the year. After failing at writing more material for a Hard Rock or Power Metal album, Vidarr turned to his new favorite genre: Stoner Metal.

Drawing on his grassroots influences of Led Zeppelin and Early Black Sabbath and new influences from The Sword, Fu Manchu, and other various Stoner and Doom bands, Vidarr is creating a fusion of blues rock and metal as seen in the emerging Stoner Metal genre.

Black Dawn will be the first example of this. Vidarr is a heavy believer in telling a story through music, and will draw you in to the Post-Apocalyptic world of Black Dawn following Amattr as he tries to make it to the only sliver of civilization left west of the Rocky Mountains."

Get it Here

It's 4-20!!!

The good news is it's 4-20 and I found some Sludgey goodness to get baked to by way of Pato Grande. I have no bad news. over and out...

Get it Here Bishes...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

From Deep Space...

I posted this Band back at the beginning of the year when they only had one track up on their Bandcamp. Now Güacho has a proper release titled Vol. I and it has some really great Psychedelic tunes on it. Highly Recommended!!!

"Cd's and 12' LP aviable on a few reccords stores on: Madrid (Spain), Barcelona (Spain), Bordeaux (France), and in Leuven (Belgium), and of course in Argentina.
For more info, contact the band at"

Get it FREE Here 
Thanks to the band for the info.

Bikers, Booze, and Boobs...

"Skrogg, from NH, was born out of the need for some heavy ass doomy blooze.....

Their debut EP Raw Heat lives up to its name with big drums, up front running bass lines, low tuned fuzzed out guitar and aggressive bluesy vocals. Its a grimy stoner rock that's all their own.

"It's just great fucking gritty hard rock tinged with doom and blues. It's fuzzy and it's huge" Bill Goodman/The Soda Shop"

Get it FREE Here

Demo Slingin'...

Pyres are a Sludge Band out of Toronto. they remind me of older Baroness when they were at their heaviest, but heavier than that even. Nice Riffs and song writing throughout their 2012 Demo.

Get it FREE Here

Facebook em here

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lung full of whiskey...

"From the spinning bowels of a 1960 research facility, former members of As$troland, Perils of Obedience, Jeer at Rome, and Johatsu came together to found Chimpgrinder. Faceripping bluesdeathsludge."

Get it Here
Thanks to Chris

Sunday Morning Feedback...

Sun Eater are a Psychedelic Stoner Trio from Tacoma. They've got their Self Titled up for FREE download. Nice and trippy tunes for the taking.

get it FREE Here

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Blue Balls Breaker

Hey everybody, we want to share something with ya. Down you can find our new 7''. 4 brand new songs, it took some time to make them right, but at the end of the day this is how we are. The music is not something you can really buy or sell, so just download them right here and now for free. Lately, the lucky ones of you will be able to buy this tracks on shiny peace of colored vinyl, but it doesn't matter right now. Check this out. Never. Knowing. Peace.

The files are tagged Hardcore but it's more hard rock than anything.

Grab it HERE

On the menu today...

StoneDaze are a Stoner Rock Band out of Greece. This is their 2012 Self Titled with influences like Black Sabbath, Monster Magnet, Down, etc. They've dropped the link for the FREE download on their facebook page and a few other Blogs have posted it already as well. Give it a whirl, it's FREE...


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sea of Destruction

Inspired, emotional, industrial, atmospheric, experimental… Sea Of Zyn have been classified as many things. At heart they are a rock band, pure and simple.

Drawing inspiration from their beloved ghost city of Detroit, it’s no wonder that many have heard in their music the winds of the desert. Pounding riffs
and powerful vocals lead to trip-hop beats and exalted strings. They nod to nearly everything birthed in this great music city.

Think of Black Sabbath starring in a spaghetti western set in Mowtown, and you just might start to picture what these guys are doing in their little corner of the Motor City.

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Austin's Sweat Lodge have their 4 song S/T EP up as a FREE download. Nice groovy tunes to make those beers go down a little easier this weekend.

Get their songs FREE Here

Creating their own pack...

"Four guys met in a bar, got plastered in hard liquor and then wondered how would death metal sound if you lowered the strings to the lowest tuning possible.
After noticing that fast riffs don't go well together with subterranean tunings and opiate influence, we shifted our attention towards the state at which we perceive the noise that comes out of amplified speakers."

Get it FREE Here

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Whips and Chains

The band is Nightbitch. Heavy and dark stoner metal is their sound. They recently posted a new track from the upcoming full length. The song is "Chainmaker" and it's looking for you to download it. So, whatcha waiting for? Have it it sonny.
Have it your way

Seeing Blue

A free promo to pass out at shows and distribute like mad. It's a teaser for our upcoming full-length

Demo Review:
"This Houston trio have some serious pedigree. Their self-titled ‘demo’ – a ‘demo’ that would easily pass as a polished EP – is a definite example of ‘record collection rock’: you can hear everyone from Blue Cheer to the Stooges, early Pentagram, and smatterings of hardcore punk. Venus Blue describe themselves as a band with a “unique sound” that “boggles the mind”. They’re not wrong."

Grab the garb

Monday, April 2, 2012


There are so many songs on these 3 compilations that it will take weeks to digest. Big thanks to Steaming Heathen and Grip Of Delusion Radio for all the Hard work compiling these killer Bands on Book Of Riff Elations: for all to enjoy.

Get them all Here
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