Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Not everything is down and out for Greece.

Once again I have to thank Our Aussie Brother Simon for finding the goods. I wasn't even aware that Dala Sun had a new Album out. Here's a little info on the Band if You don't know them.

"We are a stoner , rock 'n' roll band formed in Patra , Greece in 2010. We have released 2 albums : "Sala Dun" 2010 and "Gegenschein" 2012. You can visit our webpage www.dalasun.org where you can find more details and free download to our freshly released record "Gegenschein" . You can also contact us at dalasun_at_gmail_dot_com to order "Sala Dun" in cd format or "Gegenschein" in 12'' vinyl format (available on May 7th and on). You can find us in myspace and soundcloud at www.myspace.com/dalasun and www.soundcloud.com/dalasun.


1 comment:

  1. Not a bad lil effort from DS...Especially when they give it away for free..Add em on Facebook if you have an account and give em props folks!


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