Sunday, February 19, 2012

Midwestern love songs.

Be sure to stay tuned to their facebook page to get the 2012 mix tape.

"Local Love Fest is an annual event in Madison, WI where participating local bands show their appreciation for their music scene by putting together a set's worth of their favorite local songs and perform them live. The event also revolves around the release of a special limited edition compilation CD which is only made available at the shows, and features exclusive tracks from Madison bands covering a local song of their choosing. The compilation is called a "Mix Tape" in reference to the old practice of dubbing a cassette filled with special meaningful songs to share with one's personal love interest, and it is in this spirit that LLF was founded. Here is the first LLF compilation in it's entirety: Local Love Fest - Mix Tape 2011."

Get it Here
(Thanks to the Band Romero for the info. They'll be on the 2012 mix tape.)

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