Sunday, February 19, 2012

Don't Mind If I Do...

"What we have here from Trebuchet on their debut release ‘Stick It In' is a solid gold rock album. It may be a self-recorded demo, courtesy of a Tascam 4-track, but it has to be heard to be believed, it's a like a lost classic from the 70s.

In true AC/DC fashion, whom Trebuchet are deeply indebted to, the songs start with a riff, a riff so simple you can't help but wonder why it's never been used before. The cap is well and truly doffed.

Lyrically, the traditional subjects of sex, partying, rebellious violence, mythology and combinations thereof are all covered, so you will find yourself singing along to these anthems in no time at all. That's the beauty of it, it's loud, it's dumb and it's simple. There are no subtle dynamics, you don't need to stroke your chin to appreciate the wonders within, you won't miss anything anyway, it does what it says on the tin. ‘Party Like Crazy', ‘Let It Rock'. ‘Give Me Rock And Roll' I think you get the gist

All you need to know is, "When is the guitar solo?" and "Will it be over a verse or a chorus?". Then you can get on with the serious business of cranking the stereo, splaying those legs, busting out the air guitar, headbanging and punching in the air.

Limited to 33 copies, this CD comes in a natural recycled card sleeve, a parchment insert with credits and a righteous bio written by Granville Theroux, with art and design by Ben Aucott, and all topped off with a red wax seal.

Those of you who buy the CD will be treated to a live album, recorded at BOA 2009, and the demos for the abandoned 2nd album 'Stateside."

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( Thanks to Witch Hunter Records for the info)

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