Monday, January 9, 2012

The Solid Sounds Vol. I.

I decided to make a few compilations to share. Our main man from Japan, Paul made the cover art cause he's cool like that. All the tunes featured here are from 2011. There will be 12 songs in each Volume. This is The Solid Sounds Vol. I. Download and groove kiddies...

Track list:

Ancient Warlocks - Into The Night
Spectrum - Heat Dies Down
3rd Trip - Bay City Ditch
Stonerfront Nijmegen - Stonerfront Nijmegen
Zodiac - Failure
The Whirlings - The Unpredictable and the Mutherfuckers
Elvis Deluxe - This Time
Dirty Streets - What Do You Know
Slug Lord - Shades
Witches' Coven - Wrath of the Sorceress
My Brother the Wind - Under Crimson Skies
Electric Moon - Flaming Lake

\m/ \m/


  1. fucking good man!


  2. Thanks Jim, I am honored to make some artwork for you.

  3. Oh, thanks for this as well, dudes! :-) \m/


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