Thursday, January 19, 2012

The sheep are outsmarting the wolves...

With all that's going on on the interwebs lately, Megaupload being taken down and various other sites going under by Hackers. Here's a Band that stands tall above many others. Ladies and Gentlemen, Pater Nembrot.

"After learning that the American Government has just closed MEGAUPLOAD for copyright infringement and that there is no queue in the closure of various mediafire, torrentz us internet-nauti and fanta internettuali what can we do? If you like, download our FREE disc, the password is "thegreatgiginthesky". You will not be the Beatles ' White Album but is everything for us. The music is not what you sell in the Apple store or one that only buy on Amazon. Probably the music that makes culture is that once you copied on cassette, they tolerate even burned CDs, but with titles and credits handwritten on cardboard. Without this it will survive nor original CDs, nor the reviving Vinyl format. Closed the politics, viva sharing sincere."
(password :

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