Saturday, January 7, 2012

Horns Up!

Here's a great look into the Mexican Stoner Rock scene created by Stoner Rock Mexico. They have 16 songs, all for FREE download by some of the most stunning Bands Mexico has to offer.

"We know stoner rock has been around for decades, with its deafening and thick riffs rocking the face of the

earth. Mexico has not been free of its spell and has given birth and nurtured several bands through the years,
nevertheless, they never had any media exclusively dedicated to the Mexico-made stoner rock, which would
gather the bands and get them to their fans.

Due to Ivan Nieblas initiative, we’ve created the first Mexican stoner virtual community, with aims to
congregate and promote all those bands spread around the country and who doesn’t have a place to meet
with their genre’s peers and allies. A the same time, we pretend to show their work to the Mexican
stonerheads, with up-to-date info of the bands and hopefully build a solid Mexican stoner scene and loudly
rise our voice in the worldwide stoner scene.

This is a site for the right bands to get to the right people.
This is not your average rock scene.
Their rock is not our rock.
We like it heavy and we like it louder.
Are you with us? This is the place for you.
We do this because we care about music.
We do this because we deserve our own place.
You deserve this music.
Let’s build this together."

Get the tunes FREE Here

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