Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Expect the unexpected...

Here's a really cool Album of Post-Whatever tunes from the Band The Atomic Bomb Audition. Some points are Doomy and very low ended while others are spacey with layers of atmosphere. It's a FREE download so be sure to check it out.

"This album is a collection of material both new and old, with original compositions as well as covers dear to us.
The enclosed material represents all phases of the band:
All is Full of Love was first partially arranged in 2006 as a closing to "The Ideologue" during the Eleven Theatres era;
Plainsong was recorded in 2008 during the Light Will Remain sessions;
Echoes was recorded during the Roots Into The See sessions;
Laura's Theme harkens back to 2007 when we would play part of the Twin Peaks Theme at the beginning of shows and was then fully arranged in 2010 while writing two still unrecorded original songs;
and three extemporizations written in honor of patrons to our Roots Into The See pressing.
We present this free of charge as a gift to you (though donations are welcome). Let it be a preamble to more good things on the horizon. Cheers."

The Atomic Bomb Audition

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