Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Like a foot to the skull...

"Influenced by bands like AC/DC, Motörhead and Black Sabbath, we play riffrock blended with metal, classic rock, punk and stoner - loud, heavy & dirty!
Straight Out Heavy Rock from Hanover - Germany." ~ (Bandcamp)

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Who wants some Fuzz???

"Mother Mars came into existence in 2002. They lean more towards a sound of heavy fuzzed-out grooves while also taking in elements of the psychedelic and doom.
They are based in Sydney, Australia and have been playing shows since 2003. In mid 2007 they released an ep called ‘Take The Ride’, an album ‘Primitives’ in early 2009 and in May 2011 a second full-length release ‘Fossil Fuel Blues’. Featuring almost an hour of stoner-doom riffery and psychedelic mayhem, Fossil Fuel Blues is the first Mother Mars release as a three-piece and is overall a big step forward for the band. Fossil fuel Blues can be purchased form Timewarp Records and Kozmik Artifactz. Primitives can also be purchased from Kozmik Artifactz. Take The Ride and Primitives are available digitally from such stores as iTunes, Amazon Mp3, Napster and Zune. Also check out mothermars.bandcamp.com where you can download Take The Ride and the tune ‘Atmospheric Analysis’ which is an out-take from 2010." ~ (Last.FM)

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If You Play It, They Will Come...

Bringing You back to the heyday of the early 90's, the Band Interstelar has brought us just what the good doctor ordered... Some really Great Music. "On Black Waves" is 5 tracks of The Real Deal Rock N' Roll... This is a must have, go get it now!

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More Swedish Love...

Superb Swedish Stoner sung in their native tongue. If you know the Bands Svarte Pan or Magnolia, then that would give you an idea vocally. Dödaren have their three song 2011 release titled "Flyttar in" up for FREE download.

Get it FREE Here

Compilations from the web...

Just Passing the buck along on another great comp out there, this time it's from Mag-Music with their Vol. 13 Compilation. It's a FREE download so have at it...

Track List:

01 – Mombu – Ten Harpoon’s Ritual
02 – Graal – Gods of War
03 – Marnero – Tanto ride tanto piagne
04 – Blue Dawn – In my Room
05 – Speleus – Cardinal
06 – Desert Wizards – Burn with Me
07 –Dead Elephant – Another fuckin’ word to say we miss you
08 – Ruggine – Cadillac
09 – Zippo – The Omens
10 – Lento – Icon
11 – Le Scimmie – Dromomania
12 – Cannibal Movie – Fame
13 – Agatha – Take Care of my Carogna
14 – OvO – Catacombecatombe
15 – Death Mantra for Lazarus – Atlantide

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Lo-Pan. Red Line Tap, Chicago. 8-27-11

Went to see Lo-Pan a few nights ago. They kicked ass! Great bunch of guys. Enjoy some pic's from the show...

Sample the goods...

How do you define man? Define morals? Define living?
To have to fight one's instincts is decadence.
As long as life is ascending, happiness equals instincts.
Whatever has being does not become. Whatever becomes does
not have being.
There must be mere appearance. There must be some deception which prevents us from perceiving that which has being.
How do you define man? Define morals? Define living?
Who is the deceiver?

(Based upon the the writings of Friedrich Nietzsche's "Twilight of the Idols, or, How to Philosophize with a Hammer" - "Götzen-Dämmerung, oder, Wie man mit dem Hammer")

Released on Torn Flesh Records, August, 2011

Various Artists - Perceptions of Decadence or, How to Philosophize with a Knife

01 - The Perception of Decadence (Who Is The Deceiver)
02 - Gozer - Declaring Open Season On New Jersey (Blame Jersey Shore)
03 - BONE GNAWER - Scissored
04 - Cannibal Accident - In Utero Habanero
05 - BLOODINGTON - The shield is BULL-SHIELD!
06 - elephantknuckle - The Kool Aid Conundrum (feat. VULGAR DISEASE)
07 - Kuntpuncher - DIAL R FOR RAPE
08 - Astrarot - Social Disorder
09 - DAMOKIS - Strengthen The Weaknesses
10 - The Mustard Chronicles - Reversal of a rouge Process
11 - Goremonger - Raped for Weeks
12 - In Her Rotten Cheek - Seventeen and Twelve
13 - Proctophobic - Final Fucking Sunset
14 - Darkside of Innocence - Angel of Sin
15 - Infected Womb - Gaping Asshole Dipped in Honey
16 - Grim Ritual - The Feeding
17 - Society's Victim - Bleeding Us Dry
18 - Super Happy Story Time Land - I Wanna be a Dinosaur
19 - Green Terror - El Salvador Death squad
20 - Deep Coma - Dementia
21 - Skull Incision - Civil Disturbance
22 - Surachai - No Names
23 - PiGSHiT - Pelham Dog Breath Atomizer
24 - Gran Toucher - Barely Hominid
25 - Anti-Ben - Dangling Modifier
26 - Morbid AssX - Disappear and Victims of Violence
27 - PlasticBag FaceMask - Stop, Ur Macking Me Mad
28 - Enemaetic - It's Gonna Be A Gusher!!
29 - The GBS - Fuck The Holy Trinity
30 - VULGAR DISEASE - Psych Eval on Inmate #42 (feat. elephantknuckle)
31 - Zombie Raiders - Corpse Of Earth
32 - The Obscene - Embrace Oblivion
33 - ACID DEATH - Apathy Murders Hope (2011 Version)
34 - Kusari Gama Kill - Snuffed
35 - Lago - Youma
36 - Gripe - Eatr Bot
38 - Casket Sludge - Slow Decomposition In A Buried Box
39 - Atomçk - Death and Administration
40 - Eating Shit - Life
41 - Venomous Supremacy - Severing The Legend
42 - GENOCIDE - Disturbing Desire
43 - What Makes a Time Bomb Tic - IMPURITY
44 - Blasphemation - Wallow in Feces
45 - Kardroz - Senseless
46 - Choking on Entrails - Zombie Horde
47 - INTHESHIT - No Saviours
48 - Abriosis - Eye Of The Raven, Mind Of The Wolf
49 - Gore Obsessed - Slime City Massacre
50 - Wintercorpse - Intestines Adorn the Cross

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Swedish Listening Pleasures...

Kraken are from Sweden and have just released their 7 song Demo EP on Soundcloud. If Your into Bands like Witchcraft, Graveyard, Pentagram or Black Sabbath, this is The Band for You. They have the Demo up for FREE download, so go get it...


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Sunday Morning Feedback...

Bad Monday are a Canadian Stoner/Grunge Band and just released this two track EP as a FREE download. Get over there and get it...

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

FREE Tunes,,,,

"You can download the entire album “Lost and Gone Forever” through the Link below. It is free if you want it to be, or you can leave us a tip to help support the costs of being an independent band. Just download, unzip the file, and drag and drop into iTunes or whatever digital media player you use. All you have to give is your email and zip code so that we know where our fan base is picking up, and so we can update you on future shows in your area."

Thanks for the support! - DTES

"Dream The Electric Sleep (DTES) is a progressive, concept-rock band from Lexington, KY. Drawing from a variety of influences that include Genesis, Rush, Killing Joke, Philip Glass, Neurosis, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Led Zeppelin, U2, and Black Sabbath, DTES present an abnormally eclectic mix of genres and musicality. In late 2009, DTES started work on a concept album (two years in the making) that explores the trials and tribulations of an Eastern Kentucky coal miner and his wife. The result is the band's debut LP, "Lost and Gone Forever" - a genre-bending opus that not only reflects the bands mixed bag of influences, but charters some new territories as well."

Get it FREE Here

(Thanks to Bill Goodman for the heads up)

East Coast Metal For The Masses...

Just gonna pass the buck along with the release of The Phoenix Born Of Fire, Vol. 1. It's a 15 track Metal Comp of Massachusetts Bands...

"This week for our Metal issue, BORN OF FIRE and the Boston Phoenix raised their swords together and compiled this killer 15-track homegrown metal compilation, The Phoenix Born of Fire Volume 1, which you can listen to or download below for zero dollars and zero cents. If you happen to be out and about this weekend, point your phone at the QR code that's on the issue's cover, or leap leap through these internet portals of doom to grab the comp before the party rages tomorrow. (Thursday, Aug. 25)" ~ (The Boston Phoenix)

Track List:

1.Revocation - Cradle Robber
2.Ramming Speed - Perdition
3.Doomriders - Come Alive
4.Motherboar - II. Amphibious
5.Cave In - Vicious Circles
6.Death Ray Vision - Not For Glory
7.Acaro - This Treachery
8.Panzerbastard - Gods, Thugs, And Madmen
9.Lunglust - Arrows
10.Blessed Offal - Seasons In Sepulchral Depths
11.Scaphism - Slowly Digested Over a Thousand Years
12.Razormaze - Miseries of the Flesh
13.The Proselyte - Thirty Thousand Feet Of Shark
14.Black Thai - The Ladder
15.Birch Hill Dam - Colossus

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hump Day Special...

"Concrete Sun is a five-piece band from Novi Sad, Serbia. “Southern sludge ‘n’ grunge” is probably the closest you can get in an attempt to put us into a genre, but there’s a lot more to the story than just that. Our music is a blend of southern rock, blues, stoner, groove, sludge and grunge, characterized by bluesy melodies, sharp vocals and heavy riffage." ~ (Last.FM)

Our debut 2011 album Sky Is High is available fora a FREE download, get it Here

Don't ask for advice...

More Indie Rock Than Post-Rock in my opinion, Stock Options 2011 S/T is Instrumental Bliss. Ex-members of Forstella Ford, God & The Baby Jesuses, Disguised as Birds, and Bound to One.

"These songs were recorded live, without overdubbing, on May 22nd of 2011 by us in our practice space in Milwaukee, WI."

"Hailing from Milwaukee, WI – Stock Options draws its influences from sources as varied as Black Sabbath, Bad Brains and DC post-hardcore – a variation which sometimes makes it difficult to confine their sound to one genre, influence or scene."

Band Info

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Here's a Band that doesn't beat a dead horse...

These cats put a twist on the Post-Rock genre in a huge way. They add some Horns to the mix and make it slightly Jazzy and also a little Funk element. Lot's of atmosphere. Superb Production. Highly Recommended!

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You wanna hear a great compilation?

Just Passing the buck along on this one. Get it from the awesome Prog Sphere site because it's fantastic.

"Progstravaganza is back! The seventh part of our compilation series comes in the month in which we celebrate a year since we started releasing downloadable compilations. So, in some way, this should be a special edition. Although since there are 20 bands you have the opportunity to hear it’s a pretty good number, no?"


01. Draconic – Hospitals (Serbia) (taken from the single Hospitals, released in 2011)
02. Mars Red Sky – Strong Reflection (France) (taken from Mars Red Sky, released in 2011)
03. Fourteen Twentysix – Closing Hours (The Netherlands) (taken from Lighttown Closure, released in 2010)
04. Daymoon – Arklow (Portugal) (taken from All Tomorrows, released in 2011)
05. Johnny Engstrom Band – Under Haunted Skies (Sweden) (taken from Magnetic Force, released in 2011)
06. Consecration – Idiot Glee (Serbia) (taken from .avi, released in 2010)
07. Temple of the Smoke – Tortoise du Mars (Serbia) (taken from …Against Human Race, released in 2011)
08. Bruno Pitch – Dual Sphere (France) (taken from Crystal Garden, released in 2010)
09. Ana Never – Dnevnik Jednog Morfiniste (Serbia) (taken from Ana Never, released in 2011)
10. Seven That Spells – Let’s Go to San Francisco (Croatia) (taken from Acid Taking and Sweet Love Making, released in 2011)
11. Øresund Space Collective – Chased by the Space Police (Denmark) – (taken from Its All About Delay studio session, previously unreleased)

Bonus tracks:

12. Concrete Sun – Last Man Under the Sun (Serbia) (taken from Sky is High, released in 2011)
13. Arenna - Receiving the Liquid Writings (Spain) (taken from Beats Of Olarizu, released in 2011)
14. Aver – Decay (Australia) (taken from Aver, released in 2011)
15. Wizard Smoke – Dead Wood (USA) (taken from The Speed of Smoke, released in 2011)
16. Tolmunud Mesipuu – Mõlemad Näevad (Estonia) (taken from Koger ja Panter, released in 2010)
17. The :Egocentrics – The Unknown Sings (Romania) (taken from Center of the Cyclone, released in 2011)
18. El Paramo – Sirope de Arena (Spain) (taken from El Paramo, released in 2008)
19. Gordon Fights – Dance Quite Well (Sweden) (taken from Gordon Fights, released in 2011)
20. The Cosmic Dead – Infinite Death of The Godhead (Scotland) (taken from Cozmik Tape I, released in 2011)

Get it FREE Here

Start Diggin'...

Iron Heel is a five piece Psych/Sludge/Stoner Metal Band from Vienna, Wien, Austria and "Black Shovel" is their 2011 release. Three Heavy as Hell songs to knock Your dick in the dirt... Free for the taking as well.

Get it FREE Here

Monday, August 22, 2011

Round em' up...

I posted their 2011 Demo back in the beginning of July. Iron Witch have just released their Album titled "Single Malt" the other day. Get Your copy today!!!

"The foundation of this rotten sludge, is the riff worship of bands like Black Sabbath, Sleep and St Vitus, with the influence of Black Flag sitting underneath, to give that nihilistic air, and fog of feedback, that permeates most of Eyehategod’s output. This is the soundtrack to alligator wrestling in a Louisiana swamp, cheered on by a mob of whiskey-fuelled reprobates."

Get them both Here

Friday, August 19, 2011

Chicago Boogie!!!

Chicago Stone Lightning Band Lay it down thick. Swampy. Gritty. Bluesy. The party's about to be jumpin'...

Get it on

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Heavy Riffin'...

"Castero are a 3 piece Doom Metal/Rock Band from Ireland.
We released our Debut full length album "Consequence of Thoughts" in April 2010, We have toured all over Ireland with Bands like Diamond Head, Portrait, Trench Hell & O/D Saxon.
We are now working on our second album which we hope to release in Dec 2011/Jan 2012........"

Get "Consequence of Thoughts" FREE Here or Here
Sounds Like A Plan EP
Infiltration Remediation EP
The Hunted Demo

Castero website

Big Thanks to Irish-Metal Archive for the heads up

Demo Slingin'...

Brigantia are a Traditional Doom Metal Band out of Ireland. They offer us their 2010 Demo "The Chronic Argonauts" as a FREE download.

Check them out Here

Horns Up

\m/ Thanks to Irish-Metal Archive for the heads up. \m/

Positive Bleeding...

Brains formed in 2009 and are from Ireland. They play Stoner Rock and have their 2010 release up for FREE download. Get over there and get it...

\m/ \m/

Gotta keep on keepin' on...

Bluesdrivers are from Holland and have a four song EP they would like to share. Blues is their style and they play it well. Head on over and have a listen.

Get it FREE Here

Wednesday's Knee-Slapper...

Believe me when I say We need this Band in our lives. One listen and it's good times from here on out. Old Timey Blues straight from the roots of American music. The Dirty Urchins have two releases for download so get on over there and start downloading...

"The third release from your very own Urchins, and the first to feature the honorable Ms. Julia Haltigan along with the boys. Six original songs from three different members for 20 minutes and 29 seconds of camp rock bliss."

Get it Here

Thrills, Pills, and Whatever...

Spin Web Mag have a nifty Nirvana Tribute Album up for grabs full of older and newer Bands playing all the hits like you've never remembered them. Go get it, It's FREE, just enter Your email...

Get it Here

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Here comes the Fuzz...

Ruta Del Desierto are an Instrumental (mostly) Stoner Rock Band from Argentina. Nice and Fuzzy like my hillbilly neighbors teeth... Yep, You should probably check these guys out.Link

Well, go on then.... \m/ \m/

Monday, August 15, 2011

Thrice is Nice!

Studebaker´s Blacksmith Shop have two Albums and an EP for FREE download. Nebula from 2010, Excuse me, are you sick?! from 2011 and Their S/T EP from 2006. Fronted by female vocalist Kerstin Dietl, the Band's style is Stoner Rock and list their influences as Queens of the Stone Age, Pearl Jam, Blackmail, and Led Zeppelin...

Get all their Recordings FREE Here

Not Your Regular Flower Power Band...

Mother Sun Flower offer up their EP titled "Mother Sun Fucker" as a FREE download through their Myspace and there's also a link on their Facebook in the comments if You want to hunt it down. I believe Mari posted this on The Swamp earlier in the year and it's been on various other websites & Blogs, so I thought why not here as well...
They share members with The Flying Eyes and Whoarfrost, both out of Baltimore. Their style is Psychedelic/Stoner/Blues and are at one with the Fuzzy Riff. The link provided is their own and are separated track by track downloads but well worth it.

Get their EP FREE Here

Saturday, August 13, 2011

A gift from Spain...

"Swamp of Sounds' is the debut album by spanish stoner-rock band Chivo. Recorded at Bluetone studios of Tuleda by Roberto Palacios the album includes the stoner and rock influences that the group has acquired over the years. 'Swamp of Sounds' is a powerful album, based on the freshness of the first shots and drinking directly from bands like Kyuss, Hermano, Unida, Soundgarden or Alice in Chains." ~ (Band Bio)

Get it Here

Friday, August 12, 2011

There's a new predator on the prowl...

Once in a while a Band come along and nails it on the first try without even trying. Thinning The Herd are that Band. From Brooklyn, New York a Riff to be reckoned with. Oceans Rise is the Band's 2011 release and this F*cker Rips. Stoner's listen up, Your weekend is about to get better real fast.

Get it FREE Here

End this week on the right foot...

The Minor Three are from Boston and play the Blues like nobody's business.

"The Minor Three are a classic power trio…sort of. There is dynamic energy like the Jimi Hendrix Experience, and heavy blues-tinged riffs like The Black Keys. The writing is personal and intelligent and the sound is fresh and modern with references to a myriad of influences, old and new."

Get Both of their Albums Here

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Let Her Roar!!!

"HOWLIN’ WIDOW are a band "into the spirit and attitude of bands like BLUE CHEER, PENTAGRAM, BLACK SABBATH and THE STOOGES". Formed in 2007 as a four piece, and remaining so until March 2009 when Jason opted to step back from vocals and concentrate on guitar. Shortly after this Tom Clarke announced the break-up of BAD BOAT (2002-2009) and was invited to sit in on HOWLIN' WIDOW rehearsals. Soon after he joined full-time as vocalist and lyricist in the band. With the line-up now complete and new songs written the band decided it was time to get in the studio.
In April 2010 the band recorded three tracks at My First Recorder in Belfast, which were released as the 'Howlin’ Widow EP' in June of that year." ~ (Excerpt from Irish-Metal Archives)

Get the EP FREE Here (by hitting the little down arrow on each song.)
Thanks goes to Fuzzed Out <------------(If You don't know, Your missing out)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Post-Apocalypse Now...

"Evil Bebos is strange. Their second full length record is stranger. Hailing from dark psychedelic destinations most avoid, “The Stranger” is a blackened concoction brewed from blood soaked ritual and sun baked lunacy. Crushing riffage combines with nauseous synth work in a constantly unfolding journey of a strange prophet exiled into the wasteland to face the demons of insanity in total isolation."

Get it Here

Hammer Down!!!

Kick Ass Stoner Rock from Spain. The Shooters released their Album Rock Pedal To The Floor in 2010. It's really good and they definitely need to be heard. Vocals are excellent and mostly in Spanish while the music is full of energy with Big Riffs and produced well.

Get it FREE Here


Kasium have the Grunge thing down. Their Album Premonition has five songs that sound straight out of the 90's and they might have come out of Seattle instead of Auckland. Turn it up, Break out the Doc Martens and get a pit going with Your sister in the living room.

Get it Here

Going Green...

"Green Eternity is a recording project formed by friends Richard Fuller and Oliver George, inspired by the aural awesomeness that is Doom."

"Green Eternity is all about being as dirty and grimy as possible."

Doomy Vocals are a bit loud in the mix and might wake the neighbors dog, But other than that the music is Great.

Get it FREE Here

East Coast Ass Kickers...

Exist are a Progressive Death Metal Band from Fredrickburg, Maryland. Their music is available free at their website and is streamed at their Bandcamp. So how cool is that? You still here?

It all comes to an end...

"DEAD EMPIRES is a three-piece heavy progressive post-metal band from the Hudson Valley, NY. While the band is currently instrumental, they choose not to label themselves as such- the sound is ever-evolving, and they’d prefer to put out music that is organic, natural, passionate- rather than stick to a particular genre. The band likes to combine a wide range of influences to produce a sound that sways from epic, ethereal soundscapes to heavy post-rock riffs, rounded out with good old fashioned sludgy heaviness. The seeds of the band were planted in a jam session in early 2009 while the members were in other bands. They decided to make a go of it and formed the band in early 2010.

The band released a 4-song demo EP CD titled “Monuments” in early 2011, recorded by Will Riggs at Bigg Rigg Studios (myspace.com/biggriggstudios) and mastered by Bumblefoot (bumblefoot.com). A limited first (and only)pressing of the EP includes a digipack with expanded artwork, a bonus track, and more directly from the band. DEAD EMPIRES has played a handful of shows in 2010/11 following the release of the EP. The band has already begun work on new music to be debuted at their live shows.

Get Monuments FREE Here or Here


Traitors Return to Earth are a Sludge/Stoner/Doom Metal Band out of Columbus, Ohio. If You like it Heavy, the Album Smokescreen might just be what Your looking for. I found this over at Sludgelord's Great Blog so there's a huge thanks to him, and He's written a nice review on the Band Here so stop on over there and read up on them.

Get this Beast Here

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bathe in the waters of American Grunge...

More Sweet Grunge Tunes this time by the Band "Swim The Mind" out of Connecticut. The CD is only $5 Bucks and the download is whatever you want it to be (FREE), and that really sweetens the deal. I Think I will definitely buy the CD though.. Just Sayin'...

Get it Here

English Grungsters with a little Stoner in their hip pocket...

"These lads from England are fond of Audioslave, Rage Against The Machine, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Kyuss , and their music is a testimony of the lesson learned from the aforementioned masters with a little blend of metal over here and a little blend of southern rock over there.

Taking their name from the Fall Of The English Empire, and described as being a cross between Audio Slave and Alice In Chains, Dead Empire have made huge inroads on the Southern rock english scene." (B-Camp)

Get it Here

Like old reliable, it's gets better with age...

CoRRoe are a Stoner Rock Band that have their Death Flowers EP up for FREE download. Believe or not, there isn't much info on the interweb about these cats. Very good stuff though so be sure to check them out.

Get it FREE Here
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