Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Morning Feedback...

"Dirty Tuesday is band of four from Amersfoort, in the heart of the Netherlands. Their music is a combination of dirty fat sounding instruments with raw vocals, which resemble a variety of classic rock and present alternative music. According to his own words, the front man has always been involved with music: The instrument of choice became a guitar instead of a drumkit or bassguitar, out of noise consideration. The first serious band Impact was a relative success. After the band split up, Michael played drums in a sideproject and met guitarist David, who’s current band Stillwater had reached a moderate status in the region. However, their singer had recently left the band, so Michael filled the gap, and Anemic Cinema was born in the summer of 2008, in collaboration with the other bandmembers Bart (bass) and Stijn (drums). However, the band was doomed to end before everything had even started. During the summer of 2009 the band took a conscious decision to start all over in one style and changed their name into Dirty Tuesday. The band prepared new material in merely four weeks to present their newborn sound during a local gig." ~ (Band Bio)

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(Thanks to The Soda Shop for the find.)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Beast within us...

Holy Mount are From Canada and Play Heavy Psych/Stoner. Get their 7" as a Free download HERE

Also get "We Fell From The Sky" (2011) FREE Here


Out For Blood...

"CYNICISM is crawling through the coils of your brain like a hybrid bastard of Death, Thrash and DoomMetal. One simple recipe for this musical insanity: no compromises! Where others stick to their old-fashioned concepts of music, CYNICISM provides you with the emotional variety you always searched for. No boundaries - no comparison - just CYNICISM!" ~ (Band Bio)

Get it FREE Here

The Smoking Gun...

"The 45 is a St. Louis band that is dedicated to delivering a raw rock and roll sound in their recordings as well as their live performances. The 45's unique sound is driven by their lead singer's unusual vocal style and by their bold "in your face" lead guitar delivery. Their live show is energetic and reminiscent of the big guitar sound of the 70's with showmanship to match." ~ (Band Bio)

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Band Camp

Watch Your Dogs...

Dog Shredder released this little EP titled Boss Rhino back in 2010. Overe 20 minutes of Psyched out Prog/Metal and really just a pleasure to listen to. Head on over and get Your FREE download...

Get it FREE Here

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Busting at the seams...

"Tanker is sludge metal/rock band from Banja Luka, the capital city of Bosnia’s entity, Republic of Srpska. Formed in 2008., the band was a side-project of members from three Banja Luka-based bands Monument, Revolt and AntiDope. Soon after its inception, however, the band became more serious. In 2009, the band appeared at the Nektar DemoFest and finished in third place at the competition. This was the fuel that convinced the band to continue forward with full power. Since then, the band has played numerous shows in Bosnia and Serbia. Its first EP “Sorrow Drives The Will” was recorded in 2010 in their hometown, and was self-released by the band. Consisting of five members, Ognjen Topic (Vocals), Sasha Rogic (Guitar), Dejan Savic (Guitar), Branko Stupar (Bass) and Djordje Stanivukovic (Drums), the band continues to create new music and play live as much as possible." ~ (Last.FM)

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Another FREE Summer Scorcher Compilation...

"In celebration of summer, we’ve decided to release the most brutal compilation this side of the universe! “Scream of Summer” is a collection of some of the best the heavy scene has to offer right now. See information below regarding who exactly is on the compilation, and where you can download your copy!" ~ (Hails and Horns Magazine)


SUICIDE SILENCE – “You Only Live Once”

ARCH ENEMY – “Yesterday Is Dead And Gone”

JUNGLE ROT – “Rise Up And Revolt”

RED FANG – “Wires”


ALL SHALL PERISH – “Divine Illusion”

WARBRINGER – “Living Weapon”


AMORPHIS – “You I Need”

BLACKGUARD – “Firefight”

PATHOLOGY – “Code Injection”

OBSCURA – “Euclidean Elements”

RINGS OF SATURN – “Seized And Devoured”


PERIPHERY – “Frak The Gods”

CYNIC – “Wheels Within Wheels”

FINNTROLL – “Solsagan”

WORLD UNDER BLOOD – “God Amongst The Waste”

LOCK UP – “Life Of Devastation”

EXHUMED – “Funereality”

TOXIC HOLOCAUST – “Judgment Awaits You”

BENIGHTED – “Let The Blood Spill Between My Broken Teeth”

SEPTIC FLESH – “The Vampire From Nazareth”


GENERAL SURGERY – “The Succulent Aftermath Of A Subdural”

WATAIN – “Reaping Death”

HAMMERFALL – “One More Time”

To get it FREE, You have to "Like" Hails and Horns Magazine on Facebook.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Stoners "R" Us...

"Conceived in a dusty Hamtramck basement under an eerie glow of the waning gibbous, Bison Machine's primordial album took form. Roaring with energy, the mind takes off with the virulent "Distributor Of Pain" and drifts into the morbid inner thoughts of the "Virgin Rapist". A brief pause brings the traveler to the ancient Bering Straits where a lumbering monster holds the advancement of Man. Finally the journey comes to an end and we are left lying awake in bed, thoughts racing of the future of our clan... the "Seed Of The Night" is born." ~ (Band Info)

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\m/ Get Em Up \m/

For the Fans of The Sword and Priestess, Pay close attention... Holy F*ck!

"Hot Fog is a San Francisco Hard Rock and Heavy Metal band born from the ashes of a slew of SF bands spanning the 90’s through the 00’s including Oranger, Film School, Hammerdown Turpentine, Pinq, Carlos!, and Preston School of Industry. This rag-tag group band of indie veterans decided to get back to their roots — all they way back to their days of prepubescent bedroom rocking to bring forth a thundering sound akin to the “New Wave of British Heavy Metal” bands of the late 70’s and early 80’s like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, with forays into proto-thrash a la early Metallica. Nodding to the past while rocking into the future with monster riffs, ripping leads, and soaring vocals, they bring it, un-ironically, and with quality and reverence – as metal is supposed be. Their live shows are sweat-soaked full-on, frontal assaults, complete with fog machines, lasers, classic metal guitars, and fans thrusting devil horns in the air as participants rather than “audience”. They do, however, have a “no costume” rule, and the band eschews the current trend of beards, tattoos, and Kyuss-tinged sludge-metal, and instead, they walk that razors edge of sincerity and fun like not many bands can. Aquarius Records, definitely experts on the subject of all things metal, put it best: (What it comes down to it though, all you need to know about Hot Fog is, do they rock? And more to the point, do they slay? We’d say yea, and verily. Like a fist in the air, the vocals scream and soar. The galloping guitars storm to attack. It’s 1983 all over again, and in your face! The riffs are all instant headbangers, dished out with practically punk energy… As with any true metal band in this day and age, it may be that their tongues aren’t entirely removed from their cheeks. Without being utterly ironic, you can still have a sense of humor about this brand of D&D metal (you maybe have to). Doesn’t stop it from ruling though. And they’re definitely SERIOUS about loving medieval metal and kicking ass. Having fun, drinking beer, all that, but not taking the piss)" – Aquarius Records and Band Bio.

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South America's Best Kept Secrets...

VuLkeChË are a Hard Rockin' Band out of Chile. The 8 songs featured here are all sung in Spanish but that never stopped me from listening to a good tune. Here's what the Band have to say about themselves...

"VuLkeChË, created by the band name to mean the mixing, brotherhood, solidarity, strength, unity rhythms, ideas, cultures, and common histories that have as a main expression of our souls through music. The rock, a place where freedom, rebellion, mutual respect and a new way of thinking about our lives, stands as a means to look to our history, Aboriginal and Western to build a common future is mestizo and transform in the light necessary to deal decisively with our present full of yearning for freedom ..." ~ (Myspace)

Get it FREE Here

Hump Day Special...

Oyabun are a Stoner Band from France. This is their 2011 release "Gods & Dogs". Someone said bring the Fuzz and this Band listened. Bluesy Riffs and an all out Good Vibe through out the entire 7 track Album. Now where did I put my Beer???

Get it FREE Here

The Straight Dope...

Remixed songs from some of the 90's Best including Soundgarden, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Beck, Smashing Pumpkins, & Red Hot Chili Peppers...

"Everything goes in cycles. One minute you have over-indulgent, glammy art-rock of the mid-70s – and the next minute you have the fiery, stripped-down intensity of punk rock. Thirty years later, you see a fluorescent, 80s-flashback-techno party raging – and sooner or later, it starts to bleed into filthy, twisted, and disgusting grungestep.

This is a compilation created by a talented group of dubstep / glitch hop / bass musicians, who focused their combined skills to come out with a series of remixes of old grunge tunes from yesteryear. The goal was to take rock music hostage; torture it, mess with it’s head, and give it a much needed kick in the groin. These are not electro synth-pop remixes, and this is not for dudes who wear skinny jeans – and it’s definitely not something that fits in with the clean-cut narrative of music history that Rolling Stone tries so desperately to promote. This is grit, grime, and grunge. This is culture jamming, at it’s finest."

Have a listen & get it FREE Here

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It doesn't really get any better than this...

Häshcut Released this kick ass Demo a few months ago and this baby is full of downtuned crushing Riffs and great vocals to match. They're a Stoner/Psych Band with a little Sludge thrown in to make it really interesting and quite frankly one of the better releases this year. I have to give props to Bill from The Soda Shop for He's the one who found this little nugget and shared the riches. It gets a very high recommendation from Me so don't miss out.

Get it FREE Here

Whoops! Dropped Your Angst...

"Seattle Rain is a Spanish Grunge Band, strongly influenced by models like Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots or current Audioslave."

Great Vocals and catchy over all song writing. Has a little Stoner vibe to it as well. If it would have come out in the early to mid 90's they might have been stars. This is their 2009 EP titled Redish.

Get it FREE Here

Monday, July 25, 2011

Ohio Stoners raise the bar and their glass...

"Barrel-Aged, Imperial Rock.

Triple distilled in the Queen City since 2009, Arlis Perry will rock bottles right off the wall with a high-energy, fist-pounding groove that’s accessible to audiences ranging from metalheads to Woodstock hippies. Comprised of Vergil Roesel (Vocals/Guitar), Ryan McAllister (Bass/Vocals) and Adam Sievering (Drums), Arlis Perry reinvents the psychedelic sounds of the late sixties by incorporating elements of classic rock, metal and blues, creating a perfect whiskey rush soundtrack to accompany any high speed pursuits, battlefield conquests and (if nothing else) hog-ass wild, booze-infused evenings.
Turn it up, raise your glass and behold the ritual." ~ (Reverbnation)

Get their tunes for FREE Here

This ain't no donkey show...

Whores of Tijuana are kind enough to have their S/T Album up for FREE download and like Obama, they want "change". Any or all of Your spare "change"... Seriously, a donation won't hurt.

"The Whores of Tijuana are a Stoner/Desert/Rock/Metal band from Orange Country, CA. formed in 1992.

The original members started jamming in the winter of 1992. Forming a band not to copy the sounds of others but respect their influences. 18 Years Later, The Whores of Tijuana continue to play!" ~ (Last.FM)

Get it Here

Bill and Jakes Excellent Adventure Part II...

So The Soda Shop have just released their second compilation with some great up and coming Bands that have been tearing up the scene as of late. Like Volume I, this thing smokes. There's really not a bad track on it and again it's a FREE download. Head on over a grab Yours now. Be sure to drop the guys a "thanks" while Your over there.

  1. Ungrounded by Spiderlord
  2. Rock N’Roll Man by Bacchus Baracus
  3. Deep Light Burns by Valley of the Sun
  4. Cosmic Drips by Desert Storm
  5. Temple of the Wasp by Domes of Silence
  6. The Eternal Dead of My Soul by Naughty Mouse
  7. Earth by Threefold Law
  8. Monstertone by Monstertone
  9. Negative Planet 11 by Switchblade Jesus
  10. Burning by Odyssey 9
  11. Fire (Loverboy) by Elvis Deluxe
  12. Plunge/Return by Borraho

\m/ \m/

The Golden Years...

"Bumsnogger 2002 - 2006' the debut release for Witch Hunter Records, is an anthology of both EPs, the split 7" with Among The Missing and 3 bonus rehearsal out-takes from Nottingham's dearly departed Bumsnogger.

Hailing from Nottingham, Bumsnogger were conceived in 2002 in a drunken haze, with the sole aim of playing riff frenzied ferocious sludge-metal, whilst having a good time. Tipping their collective hats in tribute to the likes of sludge giants Iron Monkey and Eyehategod, as well as more traditional noise like Black Sabbath and Motorhead. "

Get it FREE Here

And there go the ears...

"Year Of The Flood formed in Nottingham in early 2010 from the remnants of 2 well-known Nottingham bands. Drawing influences from ramming speed D-beat hardcore, doom and down-tempo sludge metal they use their music to paint a bleak picture of a world on the brink of it’s ultimate self-consumption. Heavily inspired by the dystopian literature of author Margaret Atwood, with the overriding themes of violence, greed, consumerism and social selfishness that threaten to overwhelm modern society.

The band released their 1st self-recorded 2-track EP “A Utopian View” within a few months of their initial formation and recieved an enthusiatic reception from audiences at live shows and EP reviewers alike. Only a short while later the band released their follow-up EP “Redefine The Natural Order” which built on the songwriting foundation laid by the previous EP, and adding a higher level of production sonic depth." ~ (Band Bio)

Get their Music Here

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Two for One Deal...

"One Point Zero are an Instrumental progressive/post-metal trio. The Band was created in 2006 and consisted of 5 members. By the year of 2008 two members (vocal and second guitar) left and our final cast and style of music was found."

You can get their 2006 & 2007 EP's for FREE Here or Here

Because They Say So...

I posted this somewhere in "The Swamp" last year but just in case You missed it, Naam recorded a couple of tunes over at the Daytrotter Studio's and have them up to stream or for Free download. Very cool and a must have for Fans...

"Beyond the conceptual language structure created by mankind, the definition of the name lies in internal rhythm, the internal sound that a man experiences. Those who embrace Naam have the key to the door of mysteries and miracles, as Naam exists in the Divine plane and shines through to the Physical plane, bringing healing and self-renewal.

Disgusted by the lack of heavy, psychedelic rock and roll, We deliver our deafening sermon to bring a new dawn for all civilization. The vast seas cannot drown Us, the darkest caverns cannot conceal Us, We will conquer insurmountable foes. We are war, We are peace, We are time and space, We are infinite, We are Naam." ~ (Myspace)

Get them FREE Here

Brazillian Post Whatever...

"From nowhere, that's the first thing that comes to any mind. Macaco Bong comes from the middle of nowhere even for Brazilian standards. And them... their music comes from nowhere. There's a story that they heard Hendrix just 2 months ago, but isn't a forced issue, it's true, isn't a story. Macaco Bong is simply the most incredible Brazilian band coming from nowhere, their Instrumental music defy any logic, any description... defy everything, we can call "musical black hole", but for them it's easy...." ~ (Reverbnation)

Get it FREE Here

From out of the darkness there is Light...

Here's the 2009 Album titled Light by the Band Irreversible. They play Post-Metal/Sludge with a little Stoner thrown in for good measure.

"Light produces the experience of an audible trip around the circle of fifths. All twelve major keys are demonstrated throughout one rotation of the 64-minute movement.
(We recommend the use of headphones and the repeat function.)
These lyrics are crystallizations of the sequential phases found within the process of personal/planetary evolution. Over a two year period, each piece was transmitted through both natural and “unnatural” mediums. We present this album as a gift to anyone capable of hearing it, in hopes of encouraging self awareness and the fulfillment of one’s utmost potential. Share with each other."

Get it FREE Here

Free Russian Psychedelics...

"Formed in early 2003 in Astrakhan (Southern Russia), VESPERO went through numerous personnel changes, produced quite a few low budget recordings, and turned into a mainstay of local scene before releasing their official debut album in 2007. They spend most of the time diligently honing their musical craft and inventing their own fantasy world somewhere near the crossroads of psychedelic, space rock, progressive rock, kraut-rock, avant-garde poetry and live theatrical performance. The band's current lineup features: Ivan Fedotov (drums, percussions), Arkady Fedotov (bass, synths, flutes, voice), Alexander Kuzovlev (guitars, electronics), and Alexei Klabukov (synths, keyboards, accordion)." ~ (Band Bio)

Get Liventure # 19 & #21 FREE Here

Escape is impossible...

Out of the UK comes Event Horizon with a blast of Post-Metal that has both Screamy and Melodic vocals, and tons of atmosphere that sores through the spaciness it creates. At a time when most people are strapped for cash due to the bad economy, Bands like this come to the rescue and throw us a bone, filling the void with free music. In this case their three song Demo from 2011.

Get it FREE Here

Saturday, July 23, 2011

More Free Tunes...

Three song Demo from the Band "Audio Outrage". More Stoner Rock with attitude. This isn't bad...


Peaking over the ridge...

Here's a 2011 Demo by the Dutch Band Emperors. More Straight up Stoner Rock, nothing fancy but not bad...


From the high caves to the air waves...

Here's a couple of FREE tracks from the Netherlands Band, "Deaf By Stoning". Straight Neanderthal Stoner Rock...

Get it FREE Here

Demo Slingin'...

Two song Demo from the Band "Stoneburner" out of Portland, Oregon. Sludge/Doom with some Psych elements in between.

Get it FREE Here

Go For A Fantastic Ride...

"Stone In" have just released this two song Stoner/Psych EP. It's got some chugging Riffs, lot's of Psychedelic atmospherics, a little Prog and most of all, this thing kicks ass. By the way, if You download it, they give You a bonus track... Go check em out.

Get it FREE Here

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Blues...

"Root Hog's sound can best be defined as 'Cosmic Americana', a term coined to represent key elements of American roots music forms and psychedelic rock & roll twisted together and packaged in a no-frills and honest manner. The band is dedicated to reviving live original music for everyone that can give their audiences that feel-good vibe that tingles from your head to your toes and brings a smile to your face.

Since the September 2009 release of the band's eponymous debut album, the group has tirelessly played all over the region, and looks to do more of the same in the coming months. Getting in front of new faces as often as possible has helped earn Root Hog a growing Midwest fan base that will continue to grow with the band's stern view towards constant performances, improvisation and the communication that can only happen with a live audience. "Work or Fail" is one interpretation of the phrase "Root Hog or Die", which gave the band it's name, that sums up the ethic and attitude that this Indiana group progresses under." ~ (Band Bio)

Get it Here

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Let's do it for Johnny...

Wolves recorded and released this Demo in 2010. They play The Blues and sound pretty much like The Black Keys on two of the three songs. Definitely worth the pick up.

Get it FREE Here

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This will be in a lot of "Best Of 2011" Lists...

You know them... You love them... Go give em a big hug ya bastards...

Hurry before they're gone.

Get Heavy Glow - Midnight Moan & More FREE Here

A Desert Worshipping Kick To The Head...

Vale Tudo! is a heavy, down-tuned Rock Band from Berlin. Inspired by the dusty sound of Stoner Rock, the Band plays Riff-based music. They have their S/T Album up for FREE download. For fans of Kyuss & QOTSA...

Get it FREE Here

The Sweet, Sweet Sounds...

More Cool Bluesy Psyche for the soul, The Sweet Decline released their Echo Of The Sirens EP this year. Take some good advice and snag this one up...

Get it Here

From the land down under...

Bluesy-Garage, sounding straight out of the 60's, that's what Australia's "The Faults" bring to the table. Here's a couple of songs the group just released this summer. For Fans of The Black Keys.

Get it Free Here

It's a free for all...

Here's another Great Band that are giving their Album away FREE on Facebook, but it's a track by track download. "Grand Selmer" are a Stoner/Grunge Band from Sweden and their Album "Tough Day Of Relief" needs to be in Your music library right now. Here's some info on them...

"Them motherfuckers they want your blood?
That was the question the band Grand Selmer asked when they woke up one early morning in December 2009 in a shitty apartment in Berlin. After a while they came to the conclusion it was not a question but a statement and decided to record an album instead…
After half a year with Currywurst, Weiβbier and touring throughout Germany they went back to their roots in Gothenburg, Sweden. They started to perfect the ideas and influences they collected in the past year to record the album “Though Day of Relief”.

With three EP-records released, produced by Per Ståhlberg (Division of Laura Lee) and artist Kristian Anttila it was time for an full length album.
With producer Kalle Lilja (Långfinger) Grand Selmer recorded “Tough Day of Relief” the eleven track trip signed:
Jonatan Dencker – Vocals, Guitar
Pontus Robertson – Vocals, Drums
Hannes Waernelius – Bass, Vocals
Fredrik Wessberg – Guitar, Vocals
Guest Artists:
Per Ståhlberg (DOLL), Tony Jelencovich (Transport Leauge, M.A.N, Icon in Me), Birger Löfman (Destiny, Fretless, Magnus Rosén) and Kalle Lilja (Långfinger).

With one foot in pounding riff groove and the other foot in psychedelic rock, Grand Selmer is a band that will blow you mind and give you chills up your spine. The perfect hybrid between 70's (Black Sabbath, Cream, ZZ Top) and 90s rock (Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Fu Manchu)" ~ (Last.FM)

Get it Here

Bang! Zoom!!!

To me, "Radar Men From The Moon" sound similar to Bands like Colour Haze & Sungrazer, which is in my opinion, a good thing. Songs that build and then wind down only to build back up again. Deep in the Psychedelic Stoner side of the genre, the three songs offered here are all gems. They have them fully streamable over at Bandcamp but to get the songs FREE, You can visit their Facebook. Highly Recommended...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Demo Slingin'...

Here's a super huge helping of Stoner/Doom for Your listening pleasure. Oakland California's Begotten has just released this bad ass Demo. Three song's, over 25 minutes, of downtuned heaviness in the same vein as Electric Wizard.

Get it Here

Holy Moly!

In the name of the Lord. Fantastic Music from Atlanta Georgia. Go Quickly!!!

FREE Download

Rippin' Through The Heaviness...

Gotta thank Bufftbone from (The Soda Shop) for the heads up on this Band. Snakedriver are from Little Rock, AR. They're an unsigned Band so somebody better jump all over this one. Lot's of heavy downtuned Sludgy guitars and Vocals to match up perfectly. To top it all off, it's FREE!

Get it Here

If You Can't Take The Heat...

Pittsburgh Stoner Punks, Icon Gallery are a female fronted blast of fury. Killer vocals, Rockin' guitars, the fricken works... This is the real deal. Rock N' Roll Bishes!!! \m/ \m/

Get all their releases Here

Catch them everywhere now...

"HEAVY YOUNG HEATHENS~ They are not foreign. They are not Vegan. They are not Blonde. They have not dated Winona Ryder like every other musician. They do not “Buzz”. They do not steal fur coats. They do not Blog…that much. They do not have iphones. They do not get table service at clubs, or any other service for that matter. They do not know Madonna or A-Rod, but they do like “Snatch” (the movie). They have been to a house in Austin,TX. but not Austin’s house in TX. They have tried fasting, but the process was too slow. They have met the “Fifth Beatle.” ~ (Last.FM)

Get Your FREE Download Here

Monday, July 18, 2011

California Dreamin'...

Psychedelic Surfin' Blues is what You get from the Band "Bad Dreams". Out of Long Beach California, they have two Albums up for FREE download. Check em out, they send off some nice summer vibes...

Get their Albums FREE Here

Let's get stoned...

Purple Mercy are a Psych Band out of California USA & Private Pleasures is their 2011 release. Leaning heavy on the 60's/70's Psychedelics and Spacey Atmosphere, This is another great find from the B-Camp website. Very Cool and Recommended.

Get it Here

Some songs from a couple of Irish lads...

Refraction are from Dublin, Ireland and play Instrumental Post-Metal. The Band formed in 2007 and released their S/T debut LP in 2011. This is a great listen and recommend anyone that's into the genre to look into this Band.

FREE Download Here

Like Mothra only cooler...

Post-Metal/Sludge Band out of Sydney, Australia.

"Drawn from multiple sources of inspiration and frustration, Hawkmoth has morphed into an instrumental four piece that creates souLinknds sourced directly from the bottom of a mysterious sludgy swamp." ~ (Band Bio)

Get it Here
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