Thursday, June 30, 2011

Through Hellfire and Brimstone...

"Chest" are a Stoner/Doom band out of Finland. Believe me when I say this. You Need this EP.
Get it Here

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

One of those nights.

New Jersey Post-Metal act "Damascus" have released "Salutations, Distant Satellite!" in May of 2011. This is a great soundtrack to a summer night, out on a country road with the windows down. Lots of atmosphere and time to think.

Get it Here

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Relax Your Throat...

This is pretty flippin' fantastic. Milk White Throat are from Brighton and are unsigned at the moment. They used to go by the name Lithurgy and I would be checking that out as well. You can find them Here. They play a Beefy Progressive style Rock with screamy and melodic vocals.

Check em out Here

As the swells run through the ocean...

Drom are a Post-Metal/Sludge Band out of the Czech Republic. This is their four song, 2011 release and they are giving it away as a FREE download. The album was recorded during a weekend in April 2010.

Get it HereLink

Monday, June 27, 2011

Puttin' some stank on it...

Self-titled debut full-length album of Chicago Blues Rockers, The Plastic Boots. Plenty of fine tunes to get Your night jumping...

Get a Free download Here

Get turned on...

"Kindest of Thieves" are an excellent Blues/Garage Band out of the UK. You can get a couple of their releases as FREE downloads. Don't pass it up. Really good stuff.

Get their tunes Here

Adios Amigos...

The Black Knights are no more. But that's not gonna stop them from making music. Although they are gone, they've given us a couple of songs to see them out. Don't fret though, because they are now The Calimocho Club. Keep a look out for new tunes from them in the near future. So long and thanks for all the great tunes guys.

Get: Fuck You Very Much X

Bleed the Freaks...

Naisian is a Post-Metal/Sludge Band out of Sheffield, England. You can get their 5 song 2011 release "Mammmalian" as a name your price download over @ B-Camp.

Check em out Here

The Sludge Gods have come to destroy all...

LA Sludge Band, "Gallery" are giving all their Albums including their Newest one "Anno Exitium" away as FREE downloads. If You go to their Myspace, the links are provided.

Get their recordings Here
(Big thanks to Captain Beyond Zen for the heads up)

Treat Yourself to some cool songs...

Slave Trader are a Garage/Blues Band and Matt Alien creation from Australia. These tracks were recorded in 2003/2004 while they were on tour in Australia. There's a ton of FREE downloads of their stuff, so go get it.

Find it all Here


Hulk Smash are a Philly Sludge/Doom Band and is normally Curt sitting / BJ Standing, but in this rare instance it is BJ doing both the sitting and the standing.

Get it Here and another Here

Big Bertha's sister has a Band...

This is the 2007 Demo from the Band Ten Ton Tabby out of the UK. They're musical style is Stoner Metal and not a bad listen for a demo. Give em a try, it's FREE...

Get it Here

Stomp, Stomp, Stomp!

Non Ultra Joy's sound comes straight out of the 90's on their Disclaimer EP. Great song writing and Great Rock N' Roll. The LA Band offer two EP's over @ B-Camp for a name Your Price value.

Get them Here

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Buckcherry stops here...

Here's a slab of Rock N' Roll for ya. The Band's name is "Inside The Black" and they sound sorta like an old Grunge throwback. Give it a try.

Check em out Here

Worship or die...

Some Hardcore Sludge to go with Your Wheaties this morning. Just relax Your throat. It's "The Lion's Daughter"...

Get it FREE Here

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Like a festering wound...

Leeds 3 piece, "Tree Of Sores", taking influences from the doomy atmospherics of Neurosis, an underbelly of crust care of Amebix, and an air of recklessness favoured by the likes of Eyehategod.

The band create a vibe that is heavy, dark and ambient, with tortured male/female vocals, and a mission to take you to a frightening place.

Get it Here

Mean Streakin'...

The Hollowmen are an Intense Hardcore/Thrash Band that are giving their Album " Three Betrayals Toward Modern Man" away as a FREE download all over the net.

Get it Here

Blackened to the bones...

"Embers has been noted as one of a number of prominent San Francisco Bay Area metal acts to feature women. The fact that three members of the band are female is notable due to the historic lack of female representation in heavy metal. Embers blends crust and black metal, but also have a unique melancholic sound similar to other Bay Area peers such as Ludicra and Saros."

Get their Albums Here

Friday, June 24, 2011

Excellent FREE Compilation...

"So, why did we name this one „Hodge-Podge Edition“? Simply as this part of our compilation series is a real hodge-podge in a true meaning of it. You can hear stoner/grunge rock, progressive rock, psychedelia, black metal, sludge, doom, space rock, experimental, jazz and who knows what else. For that, this part is a possible satisfactory release for everyone who finds interesting some of above mentioned genres. Almost 150 minutes on this part will be a good transition between summer and autumn."

Get this Free download from ProgSphere. It's number 6 in the series but You can get them all here as well. Really cool web site.

Hodge Podge

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Floating Away...

Swedish Stoner Band Numbah Ten are giving a few of their Albums away for FREE.
Go get em, It's Freakin' Swedish Stoner man, That shit's always good...

Looky Here

Ever Hug an Elk???

Hugenelk Have recently parted ways with each other and decided to give their latest release away as a FREE download. Fine Stoner Rock from British Colombia. If You "Like" them on Facebook You can get their older stuff for FREE too.

Seek and ye shall find

Betcha Can't Eat Just One...

Today's heavy hitter is the Band "Consular". They give us this 9 song Album titled "Allapattah Blues" as a FREE download. Sludgy, Crusty, and kinda creepy like the picture above. Good ol' rush hour music. Drive fast and swerve...

Get Your headache Here

Demo Slingin'...

Based out of Portland, Maine, Whitcomb is comprised of veterans of the local music scene: Sean Libby and Andy Beavis on guitars, Ryan Fleming on bass, Mark Sayer on drums, and vocalist Brant Dadaleares. Together they’ve created something intense and original, both heavy and melodic, with multiple layers of sound.

Get a FREE download of their Demo Here

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Planet Killer!

Hurry, Hurry, Step right up. Get The Hedons 2011 release "Earth On My Nerves" as a FREE download until 6/28/11. Some excellent Stoner Rock from Indianapolis, IN.

Get it quick before the link is gone.

Go Here

(thanks to The Soda Shop for the heads up)

Try the red pill...

"This is the debut EP from the San Francisco Bay Area psychedelic band The ElectroSonic Chamber. These songs were written mostly in the first half of 2010, recorded in November, and mixed in April 2011. It is a collection of music conceptually assembled and designed to generate an experience."

Get it Free Here

Get that third eye dusted off. Your gonna need it...

Some more kick ass Heavy Psych to kick back and enjoy. Eidetic Seeing are from Brooklyn & this is their debut EP. Deep, Heavy... Space.

Get it Here

Through the Haze...

Dreamtime offer up 4 songs of Heavy Psych. You'll have to get them track by track for some reason but they're well worth it.

Get them Here

Killer clowns and scary toys...

"Masters of Luxury have evolved from an intense anger management exercise into a complex, aggressive, and a whirlwind of sound. With their foot firmly up modern rock music’s ass, M.O.L. has managed to find a sound both distinctly familiar yet wholly original. Tossing aside conventional song structure and limitations, the band creates songs that manage to be catchy while never running the risk of boring the listener. " ~ (All Hail Records)

Get it Here

Monday, June 20, 2011

Two Words...

"The Shit"

Two Piece and a Biscuit...

The Budrows are a two piece Blues outfit from California. A cigar box never sounded sweeter.

Get it Free Here

Going Post-L...

Beacons is the newest (2011) release from B.M. Sharp's project "Cloudkicker". The music style is Post-Progressive/Math Metal and all Instrumental.

You can download the entire Cloudkicker discography free at his website Here

Get suited up...

Yeah, I know, I posted this on The Swamp last fall but Damn! This is to good to pass up. If You like the sound of older stuff from The Black Keys, This is for You...

"The White Soots are a blues/rock trio from Dayton, OH. The band formed in early 2009 with brothers Kyle(Guitar/Vocals) and Kraig Byrum(Drums) and longtime friend Karl Benge(Bass) and began playing in clubs in Dayton under the name Fuzz Hound, which was changed to The White Soots after about 1 year of playing. They specialize in a bluesy, psychedelic mix of guitar infused rock and roll." ~ (Last.FM)

Get it Free Here

Standing in the crossroads...

"Bandito is a hard-rock quintet hailing from Nijmegen, Holland. The band combines the Stoner-groove of Kyuss with the Hard-rock-punch of Down, while creaming it with a smooth layer of Atomic Bitchwax." ~ (Last.FM)

Their 2011 release "Bandito II" is available as a FREE download.

Get it Here

Sunday, June 19, 2011

FREE Stoner Rock Compilations...

Here's three comps from the zine website. Desert Sound Vol.1 - 3. Tons of cool Italian Bands for a Free download. This is a great introduction to some excellent Italian Bands so if You've somehow missed this in the past, now's the time to get them.

Get em Here

Hyper Space Melt Down...

"The Cosmic Dead are a Psych / Drone / Kosmische / Space / Krautrock collective from Glasgow, Scotland. They formed in early 2010."

Get their 2011 release titled "Psychonaut" as a FREE download.

Look Here!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The New Emergency Broadcast System...

"Whiskey-soaked, smoke-choked rock and roll for long nights that turn into mornings. For Les Pauls hurled from the highest parking garages. For televisions falling from hotel balconies. For the dreamers, the seekers and the creeps."

Get Media Hounds Here

Get in the van...

"FREE track for our fans! an outtake from sessions recorded at Cleveland Audio."

Three and a half minutes of Stoner Boogie. Quit looking at the Boobies and go get it.

Back of the van

Friday, June 17, 2011

Some More Chicago Homeboys...

Weye are a very melodic Post-Rock Band out of Chicago.

"There is no shortage of instrumental bands in today's indie scene. Unfortunately, the majority of them have subscribed to the single note 'movements' washed out with delay. Weye is not one of those bands. This Chicago trio brings the power of Pelican, with the finesse of Piglet. The excitement of Battles, but the clever songwriting of Minus the Bear. Dynamic tapping riffs, seemingly endless looping pedals, monster bass lines, and caffeinated drums almost reminds the listener of classic Don Cab. Their unique, fun sound can be heard throughout the midwest as they support their debut EP, Friends, Family, & Others. "

Get this Album at B-Camp

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Smoke them wheels...

How about some Swedish Stoner Rock to make life a little harder for Your neighbors. Crank this F*cker up & kick the cat around the house. They love that shit. It's Digger Burns ladies & gentlemen...

Get it FREE right Here

Hot Porno Blues!!!

I love Blues Riffs. If they don't get Your head nodding then You just ain't cool. Know who's super cool? These guys right here. Hot Fiction! Kind of a cross between The Black Keys and Eagles Of Death Metal.

Get it fo' FREE right Here

Take the long way home...

These two EP's are pretty good. They've been around other blogs for awhile but if Your one of the people that don't have them, now's Your chance. Slow Ride Home are a Stoner/Doom/Psychedelic/Blues group from Kiev, Ukraine.

Get both of these for FREE Here

Thinking outside the box...

This was released back in 2007 by the Polish Stoner Band "Silo". It's all Instrumentals and has a bunch of cool tunes on it. 11 to be exact.

Get it FREE Here
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