Sunday, November 6, 2011

Welcome to Stoners Island, Here's your sack and headphones man...

"Loud is an Indonesian rock band formed in December 2008. Consists of Haikal Azizi (vocal/guitar),Nurachman Andhika (guitar), Mirfak Prabowo (bass) and Risyad Tabattala (drums). Mainly influenced by the two founding fathers of heavy metal, the almighty Led Zeppelin and the god of heavy riffs, Black Sabbath. Loud mentions their music as freud blues rock, the word freud comes from the infamous neurologist, Sigmund Freud, whom they admired so much for his unconscious mind and the defense mechanism theory. They believe that the music they make are coming spontaneously from their unconscious mind. They changed their name to Sigmun after some issues about the similarity of their name with an english hard rock band, which was formed in 1989. the new name of course also came from the wicked neurologist himself.

Referring to their influences, most of their songs are based on riffs covered with distortion and overflowing echoes. They describe their sound as “bringing a high gain amplifier and drums into a cave”.

the basslines are almost progressive but raw and primitive at the same time, the drumming moves fierce and violent on high tempo and in a sudden could turn calm into a drowning bluesy beats, while the vocals sounded like chants and moans, obviously affected by Plant and Ozzy . while they altogether religiously worshiped the Zeppelin and the Sabbath, each member also have their own musical background. mirfak have always been a fan of the grunge god Nirvana, the highspeed aggression of Motorhead and anything masculine, while nurrahman is a heavy metal geek who embrace the holy father Dio , Iron Maiden and the uncanny Uriah Heep. haikal adores the psychedelic echoes and progressions of Pink Floyd, the complexions of Robert Fripp and the zestful spirit of Jack Whites screech, risyad on the other hand has always been a disciple of Johny Rotten and the likes of raw punk rock, also highly toxicated by heavy local acts such as Seringai and Koil.

their interest in sigmund freud concepts of unconscious mind and their love for the whimsical world of surrealism are evidently showing in their lyrics. enjoying the exploration of absurdism and juxtaposition in their writings, Dali, Magritte and Chirico might have influenced them as much as Page and Iommi did, paintings made out of hazy poetry and heavy echoed chords. they might say that the lyrics are mainly about human nature and social life, but then again who could ever guess what’s behind their unconscious mind?"


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