Saturday, November 19, 2011

Snake Eyes...

"During a stormy week of February, 2010, a Hypnotic River of Sound was birthed in a flooding home studio, deep within Topanga Canyon, California. Sparks & black water were spewing out of the electric sockets as members of J E F F E R T I T T I ‘s N I L E rushed to save their tape reels and instruments from washing away in a cosmic soup. The universe has spoken and these recordings were mixed, mastered and cut to vinyl, in a strictly analog process, catching the attention of bands like the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (who invited them on tour) & publications like L.A. Record, O.C. Weekly, Foam, Tom Tom, L’Officiel (France), & Doingbird (Australia), who have all been swept by the currents of
J E F F E R T I T T I ‘s N I L E." (Last.FM)

Get it Here.

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