Sunday, November 6, 2011

Scream Your Head Off...

Moloken are a Post-metal/Sludge Band from Holmsund/Umeå, Västerbottens län, Sweden.

"Moloken is a metal band from the very north of Sweden. Driven to create something of their own they have started somewhat of a buzz in the scandinavian underground scene over the last two years. Inspired by the 90's death/doom & black metal era together with 70's progressive rock they have manged to create a unique sound and musical approach.

The band was formed in Umeå autumn 2007 with the intention to create heavy, slow, progressive and disharmonic metal. They quickly recorded their debut ' We All Face the Dark Alone' and EP which was released within a year after their birth in august 2008. The record got great reviews from both for critics and the underground scene, the band played over 23 shows the first year of existance.

Their second offspring, the fullength album ”Our Astral Circle” was released in september 2009. The album uncovered more musical depth with a fine balance between harmony and disharmony. An ambivalent musical experience of both epic and straight-on songs, some with intense vocals, others more mellow and almost totally instrumental. The album recieved even higher scores through out the european metal/hardcore press and the bands strong intent to play live resulted in over 50 shows during the following one and a half years.

Now a new full-lenght album, consisting of 7 songs, is due to be recorded in November/December 2010. On the yet untitled album they digg even further into their musical landscape displaying a slower but rougher, faster and harder, darker but more ambient and exprimental twist on their already intricate foundation. 2011 will be the rise of a new era..." ~ (Myspace)

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