Sunday, November 6, 2011

Know Your Enemy...

"Chris and Aaron, the two constant members of Spiral are desert born. They played childish games amongst dunes and cacti and now, their music breathes sand."

"The seeds of this album were planted when Chris sat down with the “The Capital in Ruins” master tracks hoping to make a b-side for the single edit of the song “The Capital in Ruins”. He got stuck on one small part of the song, morphing it with effects and splicing until it became a completely different beast, which eventually became the b-side “Artifacts” on the single Ruins. He was happy and moved on, but this haunting trance like tune kept calling him back, so finally he asked Aaron if he was willing to take a detour from recording the follow up album to “The Capital in Ruins”, a sprawling progressive double album tentatively titled “The Traveler”, which continues the story of Rip, the main character in Ruins. Aaron was fine with it and jumped on board. Casey, Spiral’s lead guitarist was taking a small leave of absence to do some musical directing for a local play, so he is only featured on one track from this record.

Aaron and Chris began to expand on the song, recording new parts and following wherever the music led them. Soon they found themselves recording completely new tracks and dipping into the archives to find great musical moments from abandoned projects. The only thread that held the music together was its darkness. Halloween was coming up, so they decided to release the record as a Halloween album. Fans of “The Capital in Ruins” will find this to be an altogether different sound. Regular fans of Spiral will recognize elements of “The Death of Billy Jensen” and “machine” on this record.

So here it is in all its dark glory: Spiral’s holiday record. Enjoy and turn it up loud!"

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