Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Irish Space Cadets...

The Cosmonaut released this EP in 2001. From what I could find on this Irish Band is they formed in 2000 and desolved a couple of years after. This EP was recorded well, it's Instrumental Stoner Rock so if you dig that type of thing then here you go. Stay tuned for something new from them as they've reformed under the name "The Naut". I took the liberty to upload some artwork from Jeremy Geddes as the Band was lacking there own.

Get it FREE Here
(Thanks to Irish-Metal Archive for the heads up.)


  1. Just to clarify...

    THE NAUT came after COSMONAUT, but is not a reformed version of the band.
    Two of COSMONAUT's members were in the original ilne-up of THE NAUT. The third COSMONAUT member joined a couple of years later.

    THE NAUT split in 2004.
    Two members formed the triple-bass juggernaut called WAR IRON.
    The other three formed the mighty SLOMATICS.
    Both bands are currently active and will also feature on the Archive in due course.

  2. Well there ya go. Thanks for the info.


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