Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bring on the Demons...

Ouija Ouitch have just released this Masterpiece and on of all days Halloween, Hence the name "Halloueen". With vocals in the vein of Bands like "Ghost" & "Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats", You can't go wrong. They have that Retro vibe to them musically as well. These are some quality tunes here people. Highly Recommended!!!

"The ghastly debut from Michigan’s neouest doom lords, available Halloueen 2011. Say trick or treat ouith drones of impious consecration and riffs of hellish sacrifice, sure to conjure many a spirit in celebration of the unholiday. For fans of Acid Witch, Dopethrone, Candlemass, Cough, and Electric Wizard." ~ (Band Bio)

Get it FREE Here

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