Monday, November 28, 2011

Monster Riffs from the UK...

"Leafmulch is a new Stoner Rock Band from Cheltenham in the UK. Wide range of influences including Kyuss, Orange Goblin, Electric Wizard, Black Sabbath and many more awesome sludge/stoner/doom bands.
Please download our music for free and spread it around!!!"

Dragonaut - Leafmulch (Sleep Cover) by Leafmulch

Get it FREE from Soundcloud

Bass Heavy Grooves...

Shit Happiness is an Underground Band from the middle of Russia. Heavy riffs, noisy beats and groovy bass lines are what you get from them. Get their newest 2011 release titled Hard Light EP as a FREE download.

Get it FREE Here
(Thanks to mote_ from the Band for the heads up)

The Gun Slingers...

It's Bands Like Southern Train Gypsy that in this day and age, with the trying times most people are having, these guys come along and make a beast of an Album then put it out there for only $5 Bucks. It's Southern Fried Metal from the dirty South, being the great state of Texas, where everything is BIG.

"SOUTHERN TRAIN GYPSY is a band with nothing to prove other than kicking ass. On their self-produced, debut album, Hallelujah in the Fire, these Texans ride the demon straight to the pits of hell with their style of sludgy, southern rock. So if you don't give a shit about personal grooming, or pretty boy antics, then join the Gypsy Nation."

Buy the Album Here

Friday, November 25, 2011

Viva México...

It's Black Friday! Save your loot and do all your shopping right here at A Distant Rumble, Everything is a great price. FREE!!!

"Desert Dolls are a Stoner Rock band based in Mexico City, MX. With a wide variety of influences including blues, classic rock, southern rock & indie, creating a sound that is both unique and pioneering within the Mexico City scene."

Get their tunes FREE Here
(Thanks to The Soda Shop for the heads up.)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Earth Rattling...

Huldra are a Post-Metal Band out of Salt Lake City, UT.

"Huldra formed in the summer of 2009 and went through multiple line-up changes over the next year. Oct of 2010 saw the line-up solidify with Eric Smith - guitar Levi Hanna - guitar, vocals Matthew Brotherton - bass, vocals Scott Wasilewski - keys, synth and Chris Garrido - drums. Huldra finished recording their first EP, Signals from the Void, in Oct of 2011 and they are currently working on a split album with another Salt Lake band, Dustbloom."

Get Signals From The Void EP Here

Hump Day Special...

Here's a killer split between Sofy Major & Membrane. Big Fucking Noisy Hardcore Sludge. Make it the soundtrack to tonight's extravaganza...

Get it at a name your price value Here

Bring forth the snake...

Buddy Revell play some fierce Stoner Metal with a Hardcore edge. Get their 2011 EP for FREE. Really good tunes here with some nice Riffs.

Get it FREE Here

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Smile Fucker!!!

Rusty Cage Volume One is a FREE Compilation released in October 2011 full of everything from Grunge, to Stoner and Alt-Rock. Check it out.

Get it FREE Here

Reward if found...

Missing Cat play the Blues and love their Stoner too. The Band released their newest one simply titled "." in October 2011. It stomps through the 5 songs in less than 15 minutes, but it's a great 15 minutes full of Harmonica and 4/4 beats. Get them shit kickers on cause it's time to get down...

Get it Here

Moving Mountains With Sound...

"Take a dash of Repomen’s brutality, add a dollop of The Good’s compelling boldness and a pinch of SQY’s determination and robustness. Run over with a bulldozer, compress, chop up, and casually weld back together. Add a daub of paint and behold the birth of a new machine: Komatsu. Get on board, fasten your belts, pull the lever and try to contain the monster."

Get it Here

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Demo Slingin'...

"This is the first demo recording by Envoys. You can download it for free by putting zero as your price, or you can give us some money which we will put towards our next recording, food, beverages, and some guitar cables that don't break all the time."


The Road Less Traveled...

"From the depths of Russian underground scene comes absolutely epic spaced out sludge outfit Cosmonauts Day! Intense guitar riffing, crushing to the ground and below drum stabbing, wicked bass, dreamy solos and an atmoshere of a cold space - their music is a mind journey to the places you've never known."

Get it Here


How about a FREE song from the German Sludge/Post-Metal Band Divulged Reality? The song is called Impulse, is Instrumental, and very good. Might fit in well with your next compilation, mix tape or playlist...


Swedish Sludge.

"Blekinge, the name of the part of Sweden Signo Rojo hails from loosely translates to “Pale nothing”… That could be seen as somewhat indicative of the national character of the nation that has spawned some of the best harder-edged musical groups around these last decades. Also cheap furniture.

Signo Rojo is an entity with both fleet firmly planted. One foot is anchored in the deep sludge of southern USA and the other planted in the ethereal world of introspective post-metal. The dangly bits inbetween have, on the other hand, been dipping into a wide variety of places. Be it crust-punk, doom-metal, classic prog or hardrock, Signo Rojo’s privates has had an intimate history with it.

The Band proper was formed in the late autumn of 2009, when the four members met at a local metal-show. They began writing almost immediatly and spent the following winter and spring cooked up in the rehersalroom constructing and shaping a dynamic live-set that continues to evolve to this day. The following summer they started their crusade of gathering as much live experience as possible with their hopes set high on a touring future. A hardworking band is a healthy band and Signo Rojo craves the excitement, the energy and the positive social interactions you only get at a live show." (Last.FM)

Get it FREE Here

Grunge Throwbacks...

"State Radio drummer Mike Najarian's project, Ratfynkt, began with basement tapes recorded in Duxbury, Massachusetts with Chris DeLisle on bass, Najarian on guitar/vocals, and Steve DiRamio on drums. Joe Forte (lead guitar) and Dom Locapo (lead vocals) joined forces with the trio in 2008 and the band began to make a name for itself by playing venues such as the Hard Rock Cafe, Harper's Ferry, and Church in Boston, Massachusetts. In 2009 and 2010 the band played more shows throughout the Northeast and down the East Coast and hopes to continue to expand in the future. Currently, Ratfynkt is actively looking for any and all good live show opportunities so please feel free to contact us at

In 2009 and early 2010, Ratfynkt recorded tracks for their debut album 'Populate'. The album was released mid October 2010 under the indie label DeRame Records. Ratfynkt plans to tour in support of the album in the near future and also plans to release an Acoustic EP some time in the Spring. So be on the look out for live shows in your area and some more Ratfynkt tunes coming out soon!" (Band Bio)

Get it Here

Sunday Morning Feedback...

Town Portal are a Math/Post-Rock Instrumental Band out of Copenhagen, Denmark. They have released one EP “Vacuum Horror”, available for download.

Get it Here

Saturday, November 19, 2011

They're watching...

"Soul Manifest is 4 pieces psychedelic rock band created by Psychecraft singer/guitarist Romain Daut and former member Sylvain Callot in France in 2008 and now based in London, UK. with Noisy bassist/chorister Sammy Deveille (Twist of soul, The Fraziers), Retro vintage organist Harry Backhouse (The Wilderness) and the Smashing wild beat drummer/choirister Karen Jones (Lunar Rising, The Manakins)." (Band Bio)

Get it FREE Here (limited to 200 copies)

Fine Southern Blues...

"Feedback Revival is a fine balance of melody and insanity. Intense, exciting riff rock from the roots of great rock n roll. A mix of southern soul and northern funk. True rock music.
From Nashville, TN" (Last.FM)

Get their tunes FREE from their facebook
or soundcloud

Snake Eyes...

"During a stormy week of February, 2010, a Hypnotic River of Sound was birthed in a flooding home studio, deep within Topanga Canyon, California. Sparks & black water were spewing out of the electric sockets as members of J E F F E R T I T T I ‘s N I L E rushed to save their tape reels and instruments from washing away in a cosmic soup. The universe has spoken and these recordings were mixed, mastered and cut to vinyl, in a strictly analog process, catching the attention of bands like the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (who invited them on tour) & publications like L.A. Record, O.C. Weekly, Foam, Tom Tom, L’Officiel (France), & Doingbird (Australia), who have all been swept by the currents of
J E F F E R T I T T I ‘s N I L E." (Last.FM)

Get it Here.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

From the new Psych Ward...

Hypatia Lake are a Stoner/Psych Band out of Seattle. Ouroboros is their new creation and what a beaut it is.

"Hypatia Lake are a Seattle based band that creates a psychedelic sound wall of drone and calming ambiances amalgamated into a fluctuating pallet of noise and some elements of shoegaze. The band conceives itself as an abstraction, manifesting the ethereal space in which the concept of subtle intensity exist in every element of their sound. " (Last.FM)

Get it Here
(Thanks goes out to Sludgelord Blogspot for the heads up.)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Swedish Bliss...

Swedish Stoner Band Molior Superum have definitely got the sound down and the price couldn't be any lower either (FREE). Three Riff-tacular songs from Towards The Haze for the taking people. Full Length coming soon so we'll have to just keep our panties in a bunch til then...

Get Towards The Haze FREE @ soundcloud

Chicago, through and through...

Don't pass this up. This kid can play.

"Trevor Menear is a guitarist and singer-songwriter based in Chicago. His music encompasses the genres of rock, jazz and blues. His guitar playing has been compared to Stevie Ray Vaughan and Duane Allman, who are amongst his list of influences that also include Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, Frank Zappa, the Beatles and Nirvana. Menear’s debut album, Introducing Trevor Menear, also featuring the Trevor Menear band, was released digitally on July 15, 2008 and will be released on CD August 1, 2008.

Trevor Menear is the son of radio personality, Kevin Matthews. He was born in Grand Rapids, MI and moved to Chicago with his family at a young age. Trevor began playing guitar at age 10 and then played the House of Blues in Chicago at 13.
Menear was offered three musical scholarships and chose to attend the University of Tennessee, where he studied for one semester before returning to Chicago to become more involved with his music and the Chicago music scene. In addition to writing and playing music, Menear has experimented with producing his own tracks. His cover of “John Sinclair” was recorded with an antique Meissner 9-1065 78 rpm record lathe, which records directly onto a vinyl record."

Get Some Kind Of Sunshine Here

Hats off to the insane...

This shit kicks so much ass, it's hard to put it to words, so I won't even try...

Quote from Forge Again Records:
“Some words pinpoint a band’s sound perfectly. One such word is ‘loud’ and one such band is FATHER PHOENIX. Sonically blasting a hard edge of rock into the audio wall of their listeners’ ears, the band recently added an organ to fill things out and add an even more intense element of psychedelia to their new material. Features former members of Call Me Lightning, Temper Temper, and Insidious.”

Get it Here

Rock n' Roll!!!

Hey, Mothership from Dallas, Texas has a three song Demo up for free download.

"Mothership is a tasty combination of 60's and 70's blues infused style riffs, teamed with the blistering guitar solos of the late 70's and early 80's, a rare 3 piece smelt of super sonic intergalactic Heavy Rock and Blues.

The gleam of the Mothership in the distant galaxy promised a future to music and mankind alike. Without the intergalactic journey, the legacy of rock music dies." (Band Bio)

Get it from facebook or reverbnation

Irish Space Cadets...

The Cosmonaut released this EP in 2001. From what I could find on this Irish Band is they formed in 2000 and desolved a couple of years after. This EP was recorded well, it's Instrumental Stoner Rock so if you dig that type of thing then here you go. Stay tuned for something new from them as they've reformed under the name "The Naut". I took the liberty to upload some artwork from Jeremy Geddes as the Band was lacking there own.

Get it FREE Here
(Thanks to Irish-Metal Archive for the heads up.)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

3 Songs!!!

These songs by Dickkicker were supposed to be released on splits, but shit happens so they're just throwing them out there for us to cherish anyway. Go get em...


Don't say I didn't tell ya so...

\m/ Weedsnake. \m/ Told ya so...

Stoner-Mother Fuckin'-Metal Bishes!!!

Walk into the light...

Here's a Pentagram cover featuring David Sherman (Earthride / Spirit Caravan) on vocals.

"New York City Doom Metal titans AGNOSIS have reunited and are preparing to release their first new music since 2005. Agnosis features original members Austin Lunn and Andrew Jude (of Pysch Doom Cult Archon) alongside the new addition of drummer A. Lundr, founder of Seidr and the Cult American Black Metal Band Panopticon."

Get it HERE

Friday, November 11, 2011

Demo Slingin'...

Weed Priest are a Doom Band from Galway & Ennis, Ireland. If Gloom or Despair is the way You like it, then come and wallow around in it with this Band. There's a sense of dread in every song, not that it's a bad thing, quite frankly, it makes the Band & these guys do it up just right.


Get it FREE Here
(Thanks to the Band for sending in their Link)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Time Warp...

Respect Your Mom is an experimental grunge band, formed in Kyiv, Ukraine in 2008. Reminiscent of the 90's Grunge Bands, this one one will surely bring some people back to listening to their old Riot Grrl favorites or later Alternative Music of the period.

Get their 2011 EP Here

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Know Your Enemy...

"Chris and Aaron, the two constant members of Spiral are desert born. They played childish games amongst dunes and cacti and now, their music breathes sand."

"The seeds of this album were planted when Chris sat down with the “The Capital in Ruins” master tracks hoping to make a b-side for the single edit of the song “The Capital in Ruins”. He got stuck on one small part of the song, morphing it with effects and splicing until it became a completely different beast, which eventually became the b-side “Artifacts” on the single Ruins. He was happy and moved on, but this haunting trance like tune kept calling him back, so finally he asked Aaron if he was willing to take a detour from recording the follow up album to “The Capital in Ruins”, a sprawling progressive double album tentatively titled “The Traveler”, which continues the story of Rip, the main character in Ruins. Aaron was fine with it and jumped on board. Casey, Spiral’s lead guitarist was taking a small leave of absence to do some musical directing for a local play, so he is only featured on one track from this record.

Aaron and Chris began to expand on the song, recording new parts and following wherever the music led them. Soon they found themselves recording completely new tracks and dipping into the archives to find great musical moments from abandoned projects. The only thread that held the music together was its darkness. Halloween was coming up, so they decided to release the record as a Halloween album. Fans of “The Capital in Ruins” will find this to be an altogether different sound. Regular fans of Spiral will recognize elements of “The Death of Billy Jensen” and “machine” on this record.

So here it is in all its dark glory: Spiral’s holiday record. Enjoy and turn it up loud!"

Get it FREE Here

Demo Slingin'...

Hot off the press is the new release from the Band Fallen Colossus. This Demo is so good, I almost didn't want to share it. Just keep it as my own little secret find, but Bands like this need the attention of anyone willing to give it. Great Vocals, Great Music. Enjoy!

Get it Here

Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee...

Portland's Towers have released The Fields this past October and this thing kicks ass. It's Free, Go get it at any of these links.


FREE Tunes...

Here's a new comp put out by Witch Hunter Records. Beware, the dosage is Heavy.

"A new label dedicated to pay what you want digital downloads, and limited edition CDs for those who favour something nice and arty. For fans of all things loud."

Get it FREE Here

Blowin' Smoke...

Dreamtime are a Heavy Psych Group and have just released some new material in October. They've been posted before ( Here ) in case You missed them.

"Hailing from Brisbane’s underground DIY scene, DREAMTIME aims to create personal journeys to help draw listeners out of their frontal lobe consciousness and into sonic fantasies. Drifting off during extended meditative jams, the music plays through DREAMTIME. Inspiration comes from psychedelic bands from 1968 – 1971 among other places."

Get it Here

South Western Heat...

How about some killer Stoner/Doom to start your week off on the good foot? Young Hunter may be what the doctor ordered then. The band is from Tucson Arizona and are giving this little beauty away for FREE.

Get it Here

Scream Your Head Off...

Moloken are a Post-metal/Sludge Band from Holmsund/Umeå, Västerbottens län, Sweden.

"Moloken is a metal band from the very north of Sweden. Driven to create something of their own they have started somewhat of a buzz in the scandinavian underground scene over the last two years. Inspired by the 90's death/doom & black metal era together with 70's progressive rock they have manged to create a unique sound and musical approach.

The band was formed in Umeå autumn 2007 with the intention to create heavy, slow, progressive and disharmonic metal. They quickly recorded their debut ' We All Face the Dark Alone' and EP which was released within a year after their birth in august 2008. The record got great reviews from both for critics and the underground scene, the band played over 23 shows the first year of existance.

Their second offspring, the fullength album ”Our Astral Circle” was released in september 2009. The album uncovered more musical depth with a fine balance between harmony and disharmony. An ambivalent musical experience of both epic and straight-on songs, some with intense vocals, others more mellow and almost totally instrumental. The album recieved even higher scores through out the european metal/hardcore press and the bands strong intent to play live resulted in over 50 shows during the following one and a half years.

Now a new full-lenght album, consisting of 7 songs, is due to be recorded in November/December 2010. On the yet untitled album they digg even further into their musical landscape displaying a slower but rougher, faster and harder, darker but more ambient and exprimental twist on their already intricate foundation. 2011 will be the rise of a new era..." ~ (Myspace)

Get it FREE Here

Welcome to Stoners Island, Here's your sack and headphones man...

"Loud is an Indonesian rock band formed in December 2008. Consists of Haikal Azizi (vocal/guitar),Nurachman Andhika (guitar), Mirfak Prabowo (bass) and Risyad Tabattala (drums). Mainly influenced by the two founding fathers of heavy metal, the almighty Led Zeppelin and the god of heavy riffs, Black Sabbath. Loud mentions their music as freud blues rock, the word freud comes from the infamous neurologist, Sigmund Freud, whom they admired so much for his unconscious mind and the defense mechanism theory. They believe that the music they make are coming spontaneously from their unconscious mind. They changed their name to Sigmun after some issues about the similarity of their name with an english hard rock band, which was formed in 1989. the new name of course also came from the wicked neurologist himself.

Referring to their influences, most of their songs are based on riffs covered with distortion and overflowing echoes. They describe their sound as “bringing a high gain amplifier and drums into a cave”.

the basslines are almost progressive but raw and primitive at the same time, the drumming moves fierce and violent on high tempo and in a sudden could turn calm into a drowning bluesy beats, while the vocals sounded like chants and moans, obviously affected by Plant and Ozzy . while they altogether religiously worshiped the Zeppelin and the Sabbath, each member also have their own musical background. mirfak have always been a fan of the grunge god Nirvana, the highspeed aggression of Motorhead and anything masculine, while nurrahman is a heavy metal geek who embrace the holy father Dio , Iron Maiden and the uncanny Uriah Heep. haikal adores the psychedelic echoes and progressions of Pink Floyd, the complexions of Robert Fripp and the zestful spirit of Jack Whites screech, risyad on the other hand has always been a disciple of Johny Rotten and the likes of raw punk rock, also highly toxicated by heavy local acts such as Seringai and Koil.

their interest in sigmund freud concepts of unconscious mind and their love for the whimsical world of surrealism are evidently showing in their lyrics. enjoying the exploration of absurdism and juxtaposition in their writings, Dali, Magritte and Chirico might have influenced them as much as Page and Iommi did, paintings made out of hazy poetry and heavy echoed chords. they might say that the lyrics are mainly about human nature and social life, but then again who could ever guess what’s behind their unconscious mind?"


FREE Tunes ------------> Soundcloud

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Strange Days...

"Albino Father is some sort of nucleus. Awesome protons and electrons come and go, helping the nucleus to be more than it could be on its own. Or some bullshit like that.

We are not tied to a specific sound. We will change as we absorb the what not and the what have you that people tend to absorb. We'll try to write good songs at the core of whatever noise we make.

Hopefully you enjoy it."

Get their tunes Here

A New Band To Worship...

Shrine are a Stoner Band out of the UK. They have two releases from 2011 as FREE downloads. Nice, Mellow, Groovin' Vibes for the taking... Really good.

Get them Here

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Do You Hear Them, There's Zombies Down There...

This was a pretty cool find. More please...

"Zombies And Diamonds mid-2008 was born in La Vega Baja (Alicante) following interest Gustavo Rodriguez (drums) and Miguel Hernandez (guitar) to explore musical areas away from punk-rock coming to practice with his band The Assbreakers. After a few trials and attempts to define the sound of the band joins them battle mate Juan Ballester, who happens to handle the bass and vocals. Complies and the trio that will define the first stage of the band, period of creative ferment in which they recorded their first demo ZAD three themes (with John as a sound engineer) in studies Sunnday of Murcia, in the course of a warm August night. In the following months the band focuses on material composition, discarding what is not considered suitable and treasuring of the songs that would shape his first album. In turn play concerts in the Alicante and Murcia, accompanied among others, bands like King Brothers (Japan) and The Cynics (USA). Not until the spring of 2009 the band decided to release their vocal duties to John who will focus on bass and backing vocals, and invite Filiu Adrian (friend of the band and vocalist in another group of the area) join the group. It is because of the incorporation of Filiu hardens when the band sound, embracing new styles such as Punk Rock, Hard Rock or 70's psychedelia. Already in autumn 2009, with Filiu established as front man, the band decided to re-enter Sunnday Studios to record their first LP. Again with Juan Ballester at the controls of the mixer, ZAD recorded eleven songs, ten of which will shape Walk With Me!, For which the band is self and is responsible for every creative aspect from the composition to the design of the artwork. Walk With Me! was self-released by the band in 2010, and is available for listening on Spotify, iTunes, Last.FM and Amazon among others."

Zombie Holocaust

Zombies & Diamonds | Myspace Music Videos

Get it FREE Here

It's Just A Shot Away...

Using Bridge are an Italian Band Who play a Stoner/Grunge blend of music. They just released this four song EP in October 2011. They have this as a FREE download and they have a pretty nice cover of The Rolling Stones song "Gimme Shelter".

Get it FREE Here

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bring on the Demons...

Ouija Ouitch have just released this Masterpiece and on of all days Halloween, Hence the name "Halloueen". With vocals in the vein of Bands like "Ghost" & "Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats", You can't go wrong. They have that Retro vibe to them musically as well. These are some quality tunes here people. Highly Recommended!!!

"The ghastly debut from Michigan’s neouest doom lords, available Halloueen 2011. Say trick or treat ouith drones of impious consecration and riffs of hellish sacrifice, sure to conjure many a spirit in celebration of the unholiday. For fans of Acid Witch, Dopethrone, Candlemass, Cough, and Electric Wizard." ~ (Band Bio)

Get it FREE Here
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