Sunday, October 30, 2011

Time Marches On...

So... Heard any good Bands lately? I have, and I put a couple of compilations together for everyone to enjoy. These first two are from some cool EP's, Albums and singles from 2011 floating around Bandcamp that never made it to any posts here on A Distant Rumble. They're all available as FREE downloads so make sure to visit all the Bands sites to get the originals and see what else they have to offer.

Track List: Disc 1 Download

1.) Alberta Fur Trappers - Showin' A Bit Of Leg
2.) Amphitrite - Doom On
3.) Amplifier - The Wave
4.) Big Jesus - Ribs
5.) Black Water - Tiger Of The South
6.) The Blackwater Fever - Back Roads
7.) Blastronaut - Synthetic Sun
8.) Born To Hula - Follow Me
9.) Borracho - Círculos Concéntricos
10.) Burbujeria - Carne de Cañon
11.) Chocolate Love Factory - Coral Lady
12.) CREEK DEVIL - Dream About Yesterday
13.) Crimson Roots - Speed Reader

Track List: Disc 2 Download

1.) Cursed Arrows - Death Rattle Blues
2.) Dan Patch - Solar
3.) Dead Tooth - I've Been Alone
4.) Deathalizer - Oblivion
5.) The Delta Riggs - Counter Revolution
6.) Desert Road - My Road
7.) The Dirty Valentines - Lip Liquor
8.) DRöN - Horizon
9.) The Electric Primitives - Kevins' Holiday
10.) Enchantress - Buck Thorn Queen
11.) The Farmhounds - She's Made
12.) We Hunt Buffalo - 21st Century Schizoid Man (Written by King Crimson)


  1. THX for featuring "Born To Hula"!

  2. Cheers for the inclusion good sir!
    If you'd be interested in reviewing our upcoming EP (riff heavy!!) give us a shout at


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