Monday, October 10, 2011

Swingin' 70's Style Rock.

Here's some cool 70's influenced tunes from Sebastien Gramond out of France. Pretty cool stuff...

"SÉBASTIEN GRAMOND is a French musician born in 1974. The scope of his musical work is enormous - he started playing violin at the age of 6, switched to the drums, been self-taught on guitar, bass and keyboards (he's also singing). In the late 80's, he started performing hard rock/heavy music in the vein of AC/DC. However, in the 90's he expanded his musical horizons, and he started incorporating various shades of progressive rock in his musical solo output (sometimes with his trio in various incarnation, sometimes as a soloist playing all instruments). Aside his solo career - which is astounding in it's quantity as well as diversity, he has been active as a session musician, producer, composer and arranger in styles varying from hip-hop, to experimental jazz, to Zeuhl. He is arguably best known in prog rock circles as a member of 4/3 DE TRIO."

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