Monday, October 24, 2011

Staring into Space...

"FACE ON MARS is a cataclysmic combination of heavy blues rock and loud psychedelic fuzz with elements of noise rock, doom metal, and southern sludge.


In 2004, Drew Kern (drums), Drew White (guitar), & Jonathan Lee (bass) began jamming together as RED SKY CIRCUS. A handful of songs were being worked on yet due to equipment problems and lack of a permanent practice space, the group went on hiatus. After the demise of RED SKY CIRCUS, drummer Drew Kern took on vocals & guitar and by 2006, with Jarod Lumpkin on drums & Jonathan Lee on bass, FACE ON MARS began to practice eight completed songs. During Christmas break of 2006, guitarist Drew White returned. The members had three common endeavors: to be loud, psychedelic, & heavy.

At first, the band gathered most of its influences from the fuzzy grooves of KYUSS, the oddball heaviness of the MELVINS, and the brutal onslaught of ELECTRIC WIZARD and HIGH ON FIRE. BLACK SABBATH and PINK FLOYD were also thrown in for good measure. By the summer of 2008, a passion for 1970s rock emerged, mostly obscure and out-of-print artists. Guitarist/Vocalist Drew Kern began to inject the soulful wailing of MOUNTAIN and GRAND FUNK RAILROAD while the music was laced with traces of THIN LIZZY, PENTAGRAM, & DEEP PURPLE.

Since 2006, the group has played more than 40 shows alongside bands such as BEFORE I HANG, SLO POKE, COUGH, ROYAL THUNDER, DARK CASTLE, SMOKE & FEATHERS, LORD BY FIRE, HAARP, MOOSE, THE DEVIL & THE SEA, and many more. In the summer of 2008, a self-produced EP was recorded including six original tracks. During the summer of 2009, "Jump the Gun" was recorded at a local studio with plans to release a split with BEFORE I HANG. The song was also featured on's Compilation Vol. 9. That same year on Halloween night in Hattiesburg, a ROKY ERICKSON tribute performance featured FACE ON MARS with members of BEFORE I HANG." ~ (Band Bio)

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