Thursday, October 6, 2011

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Bad Apes

"Formed in The Black Country, UK, after mutual discoveries at being able to make noise from an instrument they can’t really play (Joe Ondrak hitting guitar and shouting, Richard Banks hitting bass and shouting and Jordan Johnson hitting drums... and shouting), Bad Apes have carved out a small niche as one of the most exciting bands in the area, and one at the heart of Wolverhampton’s revival of incendiary live acts. Using a combination of buzzsaw, glitchy guitar noise, thunderous bass and quickfire drums while playing at generally antisocial volumes and never staying still (or out of the crowd), the band are something to behold on stage.

With this kind of performance in mind, the Apes have hit the studio in an attempt to transfer it to record – and we think they’ve done a damn good job. Their Gorilla Warfare EP takes four of the most fearsome, grooving and dynamic staples from their gigs and throws them, kicking and screaming, through your speakers. From the explosive opener, The Near Deaf Experience – a call to arms and a wake-up call for those convinced new music has stagnated, right through to the final fragile notes of Once Round The Sun, Bad Apes will set fire to your ears and make you like it.

Like a fine wine, you’ll detect notes and influences from all over the musical spectrum (not that wine is musical, but you get the analogy). Guitars from the school of Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo bounce from track to track along with sweeping My Bloody Valentine-esque noisescapes, battling with hook-laden basslines and lightning drumming owing as much to Nirvana as it does to Skream and DJ Shadow. All these different and sometimes contrasting styles get wrapped up and filtered in the bands own way to create something totally unique.

The Gorilla Warfare EP will excite, astound and make you feel a little bit dirty for loving it, but then, aren’t we all bad apes at heart?"

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(Thanks to Joe from the Band Bad Apes)

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