Tuesday, October 18, 2011

French Revolution...

Startruckers have been posted on about every Blog quite a few months back so everyone probably remembers them. They've just released The Southern Sessions #3 and it's sounding pretty good. Make sure to pick up Your FREE download today and if by chance You don't have the other two sessions, now's the time to get those as well.

"Who said France could not rock?
Are you ready for some dirty Southern Rock music, emerged from the 90’s? Here, it’s not about tight jeans, spikes or emo fringes: it’s just a good old powerful sound, fed with Stoner, Grunge and Jack Daniel’s. Formed with members from the coolest bands on the French Riviera (Dismo, Artefact, Ghostfather, and The Cactus Rodeo), Startruckers will kick your ass, dude!" ~ Bio

Get it FREE Here

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