Sunday, October 30, 2011

Boston Stranglers...

The vocalist in Boston's Hydronaut sounds a bit like the vocalist from Bear vs Shark, but the similarities end there. These guys are Heavy and rough around the edges with a dirty Punk attitude.

"The antithesis of prolific, the nebulous concept of Hydronaut has remained a righteous yet virtually non-exisitent force since 03? 04 maybe? It's been quite awhile. Roughly 14-15 songs total have been written in this rediculously long time span. However, some of those songs are awesome.

This album was recorded at the now sadly defunct Camp Street Studio in Cambridge Massachusetts.
Can't remember when.
Johnny and Alex "The Hit Man" Hartman engineered and mixed it.
Live requests can be fullfilled by being our friend IRL and participating in the still occuring weekly Friday night noise-making/drinking/chief/dart sesh at Club Charlietown. At least 2 of us, probably 3 and sometimes even all 4 of us will be there. "

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  1. The vocalist is actually the same guy from Mellow Bravo


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