Thursday, August 11, 2011

Let Her Roar!!!

"HOWLIN’ WIDOW are a band "into the spirit and attitude of bands like BLUE CHEER, PENTAGRAM, BLACK SABBATH and THE STOOGES". Formed in 2007 as a four piece, and remaining so until March 2009 when Jason opted to step back from vocals and concentrate on guitar. Shortly after this Tom Clarke announced the break-up of BAD BOAT (2002-2009) and was invited to sit in on HOWLIN' WIDOW rehearsals. Soon after he joined full-time as vocalist and lyricist in the band. With the line-up now complete and new songs written the band decided it was time to get in the studio.
In April 2010 the band recorded three tracks at My First Recorder in Belfast, which were released as the 'Howlin’ Widow EP' in June of that year." ~ (Excerpt from Irish-Metal Archives)

Get the EP FREE Here (by hitting the little down arrow on each song.)
Thanks goes to Fuzzed Out <------------(If You don't know, Your missing out)


  1. HOWLIN' WIDOW have also just made their previously unreleased 'Railway Demos' available to stream and download from their Soundcloud page.

    Check it out!

  2. o shit! them here, I have missed! this is awesome shit!



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