Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It all comes to an end...

"DEAD EMPIRES is a three-piece heavy progressive post-metal band from the Hudson Valley, NY. While the band is currently instrumental, they choose not to label themselves as such- the sound is ever-evolving, and they’d prefer to put out music that is organic, natural, passionate- rather than stick to a particular genre. The band likes to combine a wide range of influences to produce a sound that sways from epic, ethereal soundscapes to heavy post-rock riffs, rounded out with good old fashioned sludgy heaviness. The seeds of the band were planted in a jam session in early 2009 while the members were in other bands. They decided to make a go of it and formed the band in early 2010.

The band released a 4-song demo EP CD titled “Monuments” in early 2011, recorded by Will Riggs at Bigg Rigg Studios (myspace.com/biggriggstudios) and mastered by Bumblefoot (bumblefoot.com). A limited first (and only)pressing of the EP includes a digipack with expanded artwork, a bonus track, and more directly from the band. DEAD EMPIRES has played a handful of shows in 2010/11 following the release of the EP. The band has already begun work on new music to be debuted at their live shows.

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