Thursday, August 25, 2011

East Coast Metal For The Masses...

Just gonna pass the buck along with the release of The Phoenix Born Of Fire, Vol. 1. It's a 15 track Metal Comp of Massachusetts Bands...

"This week for our Metal issue, BORN OF FIRE and the Boston Phoenix raised their swords together and compiled this killer 15-track homegrown metal compilation, The Phoenix Born of Fire Volume 1, which you can listen to or download below for zero dollars and zero cents. If you happen to be out and about this weekend, point your phone at the QR code that's on the issue's cover, or leap leap through these internet portals of doom to grab the comp before the party rages tomorrow. (Thursday, Aug. 25)" ~ (The Boston Phoenix)

Track List:

1.Revocation - Cradle Robber
2.Ramming Speed - Perdition
3.Doomriders - Come Alive
4.Motherboar - II. Amphibious
5.Cave In - Vicious Circles
6.Death Ray Vision - Not For Glory
7.Acaro - This Treachery
8.Panzerbastard - Gods, Thugs, And Madmen
9.Lunglust - Arrows
10.Blessed Offal - Seasons In Sepulchral Depths
11.Scaphism - Slowly Digested Over a Thousand Years
12.Razormaze - Miseries of the Flesh
13.The Proselyte - Thirty Thousand Feet Of Shark
14.Black Thai - The Ladder
15.Birch Hill Dam - Colossus

Get it FREE Here

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