Monday, July 25, 2011

Ohio Stoners raise the bar and their glass...

"Barrel-Aged, Imperial Rock.

Triple distilled in the Queen City since 2009, Arlis Perry will rock bottles right off the wall with a high-energy, fist-pounding groove that’s accessible to audiences ranging from metalheads to Woodstock hippies. Comprised of Vergil Roesel (Vocals/Guitar), Ryan McAllister (Bass/Vocals) and Adam Sievering (Drums), Arlis Perry reinvents the psychedelic sounds of the late sixties by incorporating elements of classic rock, metal and blues, creating a perfect whiskey rush soundtrack to accompany any high speed pursuits, battlefield conquests and (if nothing else) hog-ass wild, booze-infused evenings.
Turn it up, raise your glass and behold the ritual." ~ (Reverbnation)

Get their tunes for FREE Here

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