Monday, July 4, 2011

Like a cool breeze...

"Performed by Ilya Lipkin (guitars), Evgeniy Tkachev (percussion) and Vladimir Nikulin (bass). Tracks 1, 2, 3 were recorded at the Rushus Studio by the band; mixed and mastered by Alisa Coral at the KZI Studios (Moscow, Autumn 2008). Tracks 4, 5 were recorded live at the Kostarev studios; mixed and mastered by Alexander Kostarev. "Stories" includes previously unpublished tracks. Original artwork by Ilya Lipkin."

"RUSHUS has been founded by guitarist Ilya Lipkin in the spring of 2006. Together with percussionist Evgeniy Tkachev in domestic conditions the demo-disk (7 compositions) has been written down, containing a fair share of electronics, atmospheric guitars and percussion.

In such structure the band has played only one concert in club “V pochete”. A little later bass player Vladimir Nikulin has joined the project. With his arrival it has been decided to refuse temporarily from electronic back and to give larger attention to music development in style fusion and progressive.

The band has performed in different Moscow clubs, and also in gallery of musical instruments Vintage Guitars, co-operated with club-restaurant “Tchai” where the special background “tea” program for the first time has been tested. Musical experiments are conducted on a joint of ambient, art-rock, fusion-jazz-rock. Style of the band can be defined as “experimental fusion” or a post-fusion."

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