Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hot naked chicks with big.........Guns!

Friend and fellow Blogger Riez found this cool Band so I thought I'd share the info as well.

"Having gone through various line-up changes over the last couple of years,
Engines Of Ruin are now a three piece instrumental rock band, consisting of
bass, drums and guitars. This came about accidentally as the singer left the band
at a time when they had just started to write their debut EP.

Rather than putting everything on hold and audition for singers they decided to
hold off for the time being and continue on instrumentally, scrapped what

they had written and started over. The band have again looked into getting a
singer, but to date have not been fortunate enough to get the right fit. The hunt

Guitarist Adam Brewer took on the responsibility of engineering and mixing the
EP. This was no easy task as he had the added pressure of balancing this with
his guitar duties. Adam had experimented with recording earlier tracks for the
band, but this is his biggest recording gig to date.

The band are currently writing and recording new material." ~ (Last.FM)

Get a FREE download Here

1 comment:

  1. Don't give me too much credits here. I didn't found this band, but instead of that, the band found me!

    Anyway, Engines Of Ruin is for sure a great band!


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