Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Holy Burning Nether Regions...

"Image is not the way to express your cool! It's the amp, it' the volume, it's the feedback, it's the jam."

"Scumbag Travel Agency emerged as a one man band in 2006, consisting of Erik "Scumbag" Skundberg (guitar and vocals).
The first version of "Slow Burning" was recorded in 2007, and after being without a band for years, Skundberg got his ass in gear and decided to record some songs he had left in the drawer. In 2009 he entered the studio and made a complete demo with "Star Fuck Machine" and "Step Up", in addition to a new improved version of "Slow Burning". Finally in 2010 Vemund Vasshaug joined in on the bass, and by September the same year Scumbag had his ultimate Travel Agency going, with Tony Søndbø on drums and Jørn Brekke on guitar. "

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