Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Conquistadors of Heaviness...

"Aathma was born in Madrid (Spain) at 2007.
In 2009 they selfreleased their first Cd, “The Call of Shivá”, with the help of two independent labels, Nooirax and Odio Sonoro.
The album was recorded and mixed in Madrid by Carlos Santos. Produced by aathma and Carlos Santos. Mastered in Finland by Mika Jussila.
They have shared stage with a lot of international bands such us A Storm of Light, Minsk, Monarch, Rotten Sound, Knut, Officium Triste, Grey Daturas and with some of the best spanish underground bands like Moho, Machetazo, Adrift…" ~ (Last.FM)

Band members:
Juan Domínguez: guitar, vocals
Ricardo de Pablo: drums
Dani Chavero: bass

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