Monday, June 13, 2011

Re-Worked for You. Yeah You...

"I’m never entirely sure what to make of instrumental releases. For every band like Isis that managed to have the instrumental idea down to an artform, there are people like John 5 that should just leave the idea alone. With this in mind, an instrumental sludge/stoner-rock release could go either way.

Rather than pick at what isn’t there i.e. a singer, it’s far easier to analyse what they have going at the moment. Thorun's Ep is actually the remastered works of an early demo, and credit given where credit is due it takes some balls to go back into the studio to re-work songs you think can be done better. Despite re-recording though, they have done well to not go overboard with fine-tuning it, leaving the basic raw-edge there that is necessary for any sludge record to survive (there is no such thing as clean sludge, truth).

Recording quality aside, this EP adheres to the general rule that stoner rock and sludge are heavy metal for people who would rather listen to Electric Wizard than get out of bed in the morning, with riffs so slow and heavy it could provide the soundtrack to a morbidly obese man rolling over (and the demise of anything in said fat man’s way). All the same though these aren’t riffs for the sake of having riffs in, with each one giving an underlying theme to the song. The song titles get a thumbs up too, with titles like Cow Smashed into Meat bringing a slight giggle.

Now some may wonder whether instrumental tracks lack the same mental stimulation you might get from a song with lyrics, if you are of that way inclined, I recommend you try and write your own lyrics to go over this EP, go on, I dare you." ~ (Jim Flames. Worldofshit)

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