Thursday, June 2, 2011

Keep Your Lips To Yourself. And You Know Which Ones I'm Talking About...

"For the release of their debut album “Book of Dead”, Madam Trashy has recruited legendary Seattle producer Jack Endino (Nirvana, Soundgarden, High on Fire) and launched a successful Kickstarter campaign that has drawn the support of fans from all over the world.

“The band’s sound is as magnetic as it is aggressive” - Beacon Pass

Building on influences such as The Melvins, Radiohead, Kyuss and King Crimson, “Book of Dead” melds the creativity that is synonymous with their Williamsburg home with the raw power of the early 1990’s Seattle scene. Known for their energetic live shows and vivid video projections, Madam Trashy is gaining the attention of local and international audiences." ~ (Last.FM)

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