Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gimme Your Teeth!!!

"The Hounds Below, a new band formed by Jason Stollsteimer, shine new light on a classic sound. Focusing on the beauty rather than the volume of the song, the six-piece band creates a melodic landscape that layers a lush, early rock-and-roll vibe over spacey guitars and an atmospheric-sounding organ. Bonding over a mutual appreciation of old and new music alike—everything from Roy Orbison to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club—the Hounds Below have a sound that spans decades, yet is distinctively their own. Real Detroit columnist Jeff Milo describes the Hounds’ style as “presenting a swathe of moodier R&B, smoky soul, stately 50’s pop, and still maintaining that dreamy atmospheric fuzz rock sheen.” In the trenches of a post-divorce state of mind, Stollsteimer began writing dark, alluring ballads that would eventually give rise to the Hounds Below. With every reverberating note, the band captures the remorse and poetry behind lost love. But that’s not to say that all of their songs are lachrymose. A sizeable proportion of upbeat, danceable numbers complete the sound and provide for an energetic performance. Whether live or recorded, the Hounds Below will captivate and haunt all who listen." ~ (Last.FM)

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