Monday, April 25, 2011

Two Smokin' Italian Chicks Walk Into A Bar...

"Agatha is a two piece girl band based in Milano, Italy. They are Pamela, bass, pedals, noise and voice and Claudia, drums, beats, and loud cymbals. They started playing in 2003 as a trio (Daniela - guitar 2003/2008 , then Viole - guitar 2008/2010). Then they decided to continue in two, playing louder than before." ~ (Last.FM)

"Basement City Records is proud to present latest AGATHA’s full-lenght: “GOATNESS”. Eight heavy and doomy songs, a mix of sludge, noise, doom, punk masterfully performed by two italian girlpower heroines, together in an unique two people combo: just one distorted bass and powerful drums. Formed in 2003 as a trio, they toured all over Europe and decided then to continue in two, pushing their sound in a heavier direction, with growl voices, screams and big bass chords, creating a sound that will make you headbang for sure!" ~ (Band Web Site)

Get it from their Download link Here

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