Friday, December 30, 2011

Have a Great New Year!!!

First off I’d like to say thanks for making this first year (technically since I didn’t do anything with it the previous year) a huge success and being welcomed by the Blogging community. When we heard The Swamp was going down or being changed, I took the opportunity to use A Distant Rumble as a way to still bring all those Demo’s to the people with the one major difference. All the posts being FREE legal downloads so I could skate around the legalities and not have any hassels from Bands and Labels. This seemed to work beautifully as Bands and labels alike have sent me many great tunes to post. I’ve also been tossing around the idea of bringing in help as a lot of work goes into this, finding Bands that nobody else new existed. Be the source for the smaller unknown Bands. We did this on The Swamp only not just with the smaller band thing. People knew that, it’s why they went there. I don’t think any other Blog could compete with even the memory of The Swamp. It was that big. The Community, The Family. It is dearly missed… Anyway, This little Blog of mine has taken off and I hope it does well in the coming year bringing many more new unfamiliar Bands because after all, That is exactly what this is all about. New music by new Bands. Cheers and Happy New Year!!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wow and Wow!!!

Los Hijos Del Diablo are out of Oklahoma and let me tell ya, these tunes are excellent, pick up all their stuff, it is that good. Tons of groovin' atmosphere to spare... FREE downloads, Yay!!!

Get their tunes Here

Retro, Retro, Retro!!!

The Pilgram out of Baltimore have got that sweet Retro sound on their three song Demo. Although it was released in 2011, it was recorded in 2009 and originally had seven songs all together. Maybe those will appear on a later release if we're lucky because these are some really good songs.

Get them FREE Here

Hooray for Boobies!!!

A little Bluesy, with a nice Classic Rock sound is what we get from the Band Charming Ruins out of Peterborough Ontario. Reckless Abandon was released a few short days ago so be one of the first to pick it up.

Get it Here

Demo Slingin'...

You can tell the Band "Throw The Goat" are from California. They have that sound. Close to the surf, Fast and Hard with a little Old School Punk attitude thrown in for good measure. All in all this is pretty fucking good.

Get their Demo FREE Here

Parisian Post-Metal Madness...

Happy Hump Day!!! Here's a little push to get us to the weekend a little faster. The French Band "Every Reason To..." have this newly released Album of theirs for the taking. Post-Metal/Sludge or just plain Beautiful Metal is what to expect here. Don't let the artwork fool ya, this is HEAVY!!!

Get it Here

Tricky Devils...

"Diablo Strange formed in 2010 as a power trio with a vision of making old school heavy rock with a modern twist. The band has taken influences ranging from classic rock, metal, blues and punk and fused them all together tastefully to create their own sound. With catchy melodies, powerful rock riffs, vocal harmonies and lively drumming, Diablo Strange shows variety by delivering songs that tell stories of tap dancing outlaws to an escape from a mental institution.

The chemistry between members Matt Cormier (Lead Vocalist/Bassist), Marty Surette (Lead Guitar/Backup vocals) and J-D Thibodeau (Drummer) is undeniable in both their explosive live performance and the creation of their own heavy yet groovy brand of bar rock. The growly vocals comparable to Clutch, bass and drum rhythms similar to Queens of the Stone Age, and the head-bobbing guitar will surely give all fans something they can relate to. Diablo Strange is getting ready to release their first self-titled EP containing 6 tracks in early 2012."

Get it FREE Here

Brazillian Desert Trips Part II...

I posted Felipe Arcazas' Induction EP back in early May of 2011 and it went viral through out the Blogsphere. On his second EP we get the same treatment. Psychedelic Tripped out mellow jams that'll blow your mind to a better place. You'll have to snag them track by track to get them FREE or just pay the fee, which is totally cheap enough for the biggest cheapskate...

Get Aeolian Processes EP Here

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Another Free 2011 Compilation.

Here's another Best of 2011 list with a FREE download. Spin Magazine had some surprises in there so I thought this to be fairly worthy to re-post. Just give em your email and get the link in your inbox. Have fun.

SPIN's Best of 2011 Metal Mixtape Track List:
1. Liturgy - "Generation"
2. All Pigs Must Die - "God is War"
3. Tombs - "To Cross The Land"
4. Yob - "Prepare the Ground"
5. Battillus - "Deadweight"
6. Blood Ceremony - "My Demon Brother"
7. Ghost - "Ritual"
8. Bruce Lamont - "Disgruntled Employer"
9. Earth - "Old Black"
10. Hull - "Beyond The Lightless Sky"
11. Anthrax - "Fight 'Em Til You Can't"
12. Megadeth - "Public Enemy No. 1"
13. Korn ft. Skrillex - "Narcissistic Cannibal"
14. Rwake - "An Invisible Thread"
15. Autopsy - "Always About To Die"
16. Absu - "Abraxas Connexus"
17. Craft - "I Want To Commit Murder"
18. Wolves In The Throne Room - "Thuja Magus Imperium"
19. Krallice - "The Clearing"

Get a FREE download from Spin Magazine.

Free 2011 Compilation.

The good people at Go Down Records have released one hell of a compilation for FREE download. I have to thank the Blog Doom & Stoner Community for bringing this to my attention. Check that fine Blog out when You get a chance. The one catch is you have to register with the label to get it, but that's no big deal because there's so much cool stuff you can order while your there. Anyway, there's lots of goodies on this baby so get downloading...

1 Dome la muerte and the diggers /Session Man /Diggersonz
2 Muzzled /Gimme More/Reborn
3 The Morlocks/Dirty Red / Easy Listening for the Underachiever
4 Clepydra / jimi plays my guitar/Marmalade sky
5 Poison Deluxe /Mature Wine/The three dead Blues
6 Muffx / Like Before/Small Obsession
7 Maya Mountains /Wanna Know What I Know?/ Hash And Pornography
8 OJM /Oceans Hearts/ Volcano
9 Small Jackets /Listen to the Rock/Cheap Tequila
10 Re Dinamite /Fuzzy Love /split connetion vol.1 with Vic du Monte's Persona non Grata
11 CUT /Summertime/Annihilation Road
12 The Sade /Deaf Love/ Damned Love
13 Link Protrudi & The Jaymen /Bandito /The Beast of Link Protrudi & The Jaymen
14 The Last Killers /Flesh And Proud (feat.Brian Auger)/Violent Years
15 The Shoes/ Talk With You/The Shoes
16 Losfuocos/Revolution/Revolution Losfuocos
17 Pater Nembrot/Supercell/Sequoia seeds
18 Vic du Monte's Persona non Grata /Barons &Bankers/Barons & Bankers
19 Glincolti /Ferma Un Momento / Visti & Imprevisti
20 The Strange Flowers /Hollywood / Vagina Mother
21 Gorilla /Hot Cars / Rock Our Souls
22 Veracrash /Beyond The grave/11:11
23 El Thule/Black Mamba/Green Magic
24 Underdogs /Fuck coverband /Ready to burn
25 King Size / Money Laundering/ Guess it
26 Volcano Heat/ The Sky /Vive Le Rock!
27 Fango/ What I Think /Icarus
28 The Fuzztones /Me Tarzan, you Jane in Heat /Raw Heat
29 Autumn's Rain / Too Loud/ Autumn's Rain
30 Horrible Porno Stuntmen/ Camon/inedito del prossimo album del 2012

Get it FREE Here

Sick tunes coming...

The South American Band (Argentina) Banda de la Muerte are offering their Self Titled Release as a pay whatever ya like download. the vocals aren't in English but the music is Universal and that's all that really matters.

Thanks to Vania for the link.

Get it Here

From the great white North...

I posted this Band awhile back on The Swamp. They have a new release (Dec. 2011) available as a FREE download. Jump on it!!!

"With the release of "Welcome to Brown Rock", London Ontario's "Oh How It Ended" are ready to set their place among the Heavy- Rock scene. Fuelled by a love of beer and combining numerous styles of music with storybook-like lyrics, OHIE have further developed their sound first explored on their self-titled debut released in 2009. Watch for them on tour in 2012!!"

Get it FREE Here

Monday, December 26, 2011

Thou shalt not pass up this post.

More Stoner tunes for FREE download. These guys have been posted on other blogs awhile back but worth mentioning for those that don't have it.

"Winner of the "Wacken metal battle 2011" Swedish edition"

The jury:
"With both feet firmly entrenched in the 70's and 2000's, we were on the jury completely carried away by their musicianship and stage performance! With two Hagstrom guitars, a crazy drummer and a fantastic guitar player, the jury fell in love with Mother of God, this year's winner of the Wacken Metal Battle"

FREE Downloads Here

Burnin' Rubber...

Swedish Riff-Mongers, Dragstrip Jesus have a few tunes for FREE download. Kick ass Stoner vibes with vocals in the vein of Wino. Really good!!!


Get them FREE Here

Pack your bags, let's go for a ride...

"In an age of exploding information and lacking sobriety they embark on a journey with uncompromising straightness that borders on obstinacy. With bone-dry riffs, a merciless groove and the emotional voice of the lead singer, GUIDELINE is on midway between earthy Stoner Rock and powerful melodic Grunge.

The lads quickly achieved international attention with this individual recipe. Especially “Castigation Ego” which appeared on the first EP in 2008 attracted the attention of two US labels (272 Records and Quickstar Productions) and moved both of them to put the song on their worldwide released compilations in 2009.

Without a doubt, Guidelines studio work is excellent. Their live performances – ass-kickin’. This indisputable fact was proved by the fourth place at Middle-Europe’s biggest band contest, the “ABC feat. International Live Award”, with more than 1.000 participants.

Highly motivated, they intensified their efforts and created the first long player “Traveler On Midway” in cooperation with the Nuremberg producer’s team all around Christoph Binder and Christoph Beyerlein. (Release Date: 21st January 2011) The Stoner Rock influenced casualness of the album is strongly inspired by the wild and explicit Rock and Grunge sound of the last decades (particularly the nineties).

After completing the record, medial interest rises significantly. The Rock- and Metal-Webzine was like “…honest, hand-made, 100% authentic rock music, that grabs the balls.” and rated a juicy 8 out of 10. Metal Hammer Germany is also convinced of their talent and nominated Guideline to “Heroes of Tomorrow” in January edition 2011 including interview and album review."

Get their tunes FREE Here

Dirty Blues From Outta Space!!!

"The second EP from San Francisco psychedelic garage rock blues artist Plastic Villains."

"Plastic Villains are a garage, psych, blues rock outfit from San Francisco, California. Formed in 2010 by college friends from around the country attending USF with similar tastes and respect for musical diversity, the group is already receiving recognition as one of SF's next bands to watch for, and has been titled as The Deli Magazine's Nov 2011 "Band of The Month.""

*UPDATE* Free downloads have expired.

Get their tunes Here

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

One for the road...

Wench are a Stoner Band out of Australia and this is their 2011 EP.

"We started to get our shit sorted the latter half of 2007. We've faced some major hurdles since, including the passing of our great mate Darren Egelhoff (the drummer and a founding member of the band) We've finished the E.P on his behalf and we will be back out there gigging around Feb 2012, meanwhile, here is our music, listen enjoy and we'll see you soon!!"

Get it Here

Monday, December 19, 2011

2011 Top 20.

Man, time sure has flew this year. 2011 is about over and what a great year for music it was. Honestly it really never slowed up at all. There were so many Bands that released kick ass music, it was incredibly hard to narrow this list down to a top 20. I have to give an honorable mention to some of the other Bands that didn't end up making it, but have been in heavy rotation just the same through out the year. I'll go ahead with them first, they're in no particular order because I'm a lazy ass.

Been Obscene, BrandBand, Fire Faithful, Freedom Hawk, Glitter Wizard, Gordon Fights, Pater Nembrot, Greensugar, Heavy Glow, Jesus on Dope, Kyng, Loon, Mars Red Sky, New Keepers Of The Water Tower, The Muggs, Ouija Ouitch, The Quill, Radio Moscow, The Re-Stoned, Sahara Surfers, Sex Type Thing, Three Seasons, Deepseagreen, Lionize, Town Portal, Radar Men From The Moon, Rose Hill Drive, Samsara Blues Experiment, The Steepwater Band, Saviours, Serpent Venom, Spartakiev, Spiders, Tia Carrera, Trash Titan, Valley Of The Sun, Tephra,The Whirlings, Whorediezel, Wight, and Wo Fat. All these Bands had some excellent 2011 releases and should be in your music library, so get crackin'...

Now for the top 20 counting down the the number one spot. Here we go...

20. Green & Wood - Devil's Plan
19. The Hanna Barbarians - Syzygy
18. Ivy Garden Of The Desert - Docile
17. Long Distance Calling - S/T
16. The Earth Is A Man - S/T
15. J Mascis - Several Shades Of Why
14. The Moss - Wulfram
13. Father Phoenix - Finds A Planet New To Man
12. Lo-Pan - Salvador
11. Sungrazer - Mirador
10. Leather Nun America - Kult Occult
09. The Heavy Eyes - S/T
08. The :Egocentrics - Center Of The Cyclone
07. Gentlemans Pistols - At Her Majesty's Pleasure
06. Moab - Ab Ovo
05. Rival Sons - Pressure and Time
04. Elder - Dead Roots Stirring
03. Graveyard - Hinsingen Blues
02. Deepspacepilots - S/T
01. Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats - Blood Lust

So there we have it folks, My top 20 list of 2011.

Jesus was a Hippie...

Jesus On Dope is a Spaced out Psychedelic Band that'll blow your mind. Some of the best stuff from 2011.

Get Eden FREE Here

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Old bones beneath the floor boards...

"The Exploding Lies brought their rough-edged garage-psych rock'n'roll out of the basement utility room in the
spring of 2008. Heavy blue rock under lysergic waves of volume and feedback and echo and
weirdness. Eyes-closed, head-bobbing, smile-creeping bluesy songs of darkness and drinking and dancing with large women behind the furnace, breaking pottery and falling apart. Catharsis."

They also have a new song that you can download called The Cleveland Blues, so don't forget to grab it while your there.

Get their tunes Here

Hell Yeah!!! More Free Music!

Thought this was totally worth mentioning. Black Smoke Dragon Have a Demo/Rehearsal recording out there from 2011 and it's a FREE download. When these guys finally get around to drop a proper release, I have a feeling it's gonna be a doosey. Check out the Stoner vibes these guys are laying down.

Facebook em Here

Get it FREE Here

Demo Slingin'...

Seen this Chicago Band a couple of times and they're pretty fucking good Live. Check em out if you get the chance.

"Featuring current and former members of American Heritage and Blood of the Tyrant, Heaving Mass skillfully blends its earth- shaking metal riffery with a keen sense of rhythm, resulting in songs that can trot along deftly at quick tempos while still carrying enough weight and gravity to satisfy the most doom-obsessed of listeners."

Get their 2011 Demo Here

Don't be a Cock Knocker...

Pauwels have a little of everything in their songs. Post-Rock, Math Rock, Stoner, You name it. I'll include a rockin' track in case these few words I've written isn't tempting enough...

Get it FREE Here

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The eye of the beholder...

"This split EP was recorded live in the studio in Järvenpää by Oskari Hakala-Rahko in the December of 2011 and mastered by Matti Sevenius."

"Masteroid is a stoner doom metal band band from Helsinki Finland formed in 2008.

We are working on with the new album and preproduction demos. New album will be REALLY heavy, dirty and evil yet melodic."

You can get all Masteroid releases for FREE Here.

Freebie of the day!!!

You have to download it track by track to get it FREE, but it's well worth it. Mudweiser for everyone!!!

Get it Here

Like a gentle desert breeze...

"Desert Sleep is three multi instrumentalists that bonded together with the goal of creating beautiful, groundbreaking, limitless art straight from the soul. The core of desert sleep is the human spirit, and all the warm imperfect spontaneity it carries.

We aim to capture the beauty of the american southwest with our music and we hope that you will embark on this journey with us."

The self titled debut for Kentucky's legendary "Desert Sleep".

An incredible journey through the American Southwest, a celebration of Art, The Human Spirit, and true self discovery."

Get it FREE Here

With or without the hotsauce?

Super slick and on the mellow side of the Psych spectrum is the Band Ty-vishnu Morkestra. Seriously good tunes to end this week of madness and Holiday hoopla.

Get it Here

Saturday, December 10, 2011


I'm having serious computer problems as of late. My main drive is pretty much fried so there won't be any posts for a little while. Sorry Peeps... This will give you a chance to browse the inventory though... \m/ \m/

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Earth Shaking...

"Alcohol-lovin', hangover-endurin', riff-slingin', apostraphe-usin' Baltimore Stoner Metal"

Diggin' the sound of Asthma Castle. Heavy stuff, almost sounds like their from NOLA region. It's FREE, what's stopping ya?

Get it Free Here

The Coast Is Clear.

Brontide are a Band out of Perkasie, PA. They've got some nice Stoner Grooves to enjoy for a pay what you want deal. Some Rockin' tunes here on their 2011 EP. Go Get em...

\m/ \m/

Monday, December 5, 2011

No Stitches Needed...

Idle Gear are a Stoner Band from Russia maybe? I don't know, I can't read it and to lazy to use a translator at the moment. Great Music with vocals that are a bit on the weird side, but it seems to work. Nail In My Head was released this past November. Check em out.

Get it FREE Here

Verse, Chorus, Verse...

The 2009 EP from the Band Klovenhoofs is more like an Album. 9 songs full of cool Riffage and FREE for your broke asses... Go get it kiddies... Very Good Stuff!!!


The Wide Open Range OF Music...

"Midnight Zombie Alligator emerged in Barcelona (Spain) early in the 2008, formed by Hell Melo on drums and vocals, Toni Cobretti on bass and Trillo on guitar. We are a rock band with influences as disparate as Led Zeppelin Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, Rush, Melvins, Kyuss, Clutch, Earthless, The Sword."

Get it FREE Here

Demo Slingin'...

Southern Stoner Rock from Finland? You Betcha. Mantequilla have a three song Demo for the taking. Not bad at all.

Get it Here

Well Alright...

Free Holiday Music Sampler.

Click Here

Super Kali Fragilistic and Stuff...

Black Sleep Of Kali Have their kick ass 2009 EP for download. Get it while the gettin's good.

Lookie Here

FREE Tunes...

Not much out there on this Baltimore Band except some of the members were in some other Bands I never heard of... So, with that said, UNNH play some Fuzzy low end Rock that's not to shabby. They have four songs up for FREE download, so go check these cats out and whatnots...

Get the tunes Here

Facebook em here

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Out of the woods...

"Câimbra is a Brazilian sludge rock band formed in São Paulo in 2009. Early in 2011, the quintet released the 5-track debut EP "É Tudo Uma Mentira", recorded live in 2010 and entirely self-produced. Since then the band has been self-promoting by performing live at São Paulo rock venues and also touring to smaller towns around the state. Câimbra has already begun production of their next record."

Get it FREE Here or Here

Band Website

(Thanks to Piettro for the links)

Ho, Ho, Ho...

This was one of my favorites from Spike and Mike's Sick & Twisted Christmas showings back in the early to mid 90's. And don't be laughing or you'll go straight to Hell. Enjoy!!!

Kyuss Lives, Chicago. 12-2-11

Kyuss Lives
Kyuss Lives
Kyuss Lives
Kyuss Lives
Kyuss Lives
Kyuss Lives
Kyuss Lives
Kyuss Lives
Kyuss Lives
Kyuss Lives
The Sword
The Sword
The Sword

The Sword
Black Cobra
Bible Of The Devil

I went to see Kyuss Lives Friday, Dec. 2nd in Chicago. The opening Bands were Bible Of The Devil, Black Cobra, and The Sword. Great Show, here's some pic's from the evening. Some of these were taken by my friends because my shitty camera on my phone couldn't do it.
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